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A Galaxy IPA Far Far Away! (video)

Big Muddy Galaxy IPA

Big Muddy Galaxy IPA 7.5% ABV I set my rocket ship to ludicrous speed and head out to a far and distant land in search of the ever illusive Galaxy hopped IPA. See this galaxy quest has me combing the beer universe in search of something I can rest my hat on and finally have a […]

Bloodline Blood Orange IPA Knocks It Out of The Grove

Bloodline IPA

Every question I have can be answered in a few short swipes by the device in my pocket. So whenever I’m shopping for a beer and I see something I’ve never seen before, I look it up. Before you throw your fist up and bludgeoned me to death with your objective hate hear me out. […]

Parcha, Maracuyá or Passion Fruit? I Call It Blazing World (video)

Blazing World

I grew up living in a passion fruit heaven where limber (popsicles), batidos (shakes) and jugos (juices) were and are the go to fruit next to coconut. You want to live? Go grab a batido de parcha(passion fruit shake), sit on Luquillo beach, eat a papa rellena and watch the beautiful Puerto Rican water. It has always been one of […]

Searching for the Sultry Passion Fruit Delight: Hopwired IPA


8 Wired Brewery Hopwired IPA 7.3% ABV It was on faithful day during the Fall of 2012 that I grabbed the bag of hops to add to my wort boil, I cut it open and it hit me like hard like the Lakers 17-25 record(as of 1/24/13). One wafting smell of that passion fruit goodness rafting […]

Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest (video)


Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest 6.7% ABV By chance I happen to come across Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest as I was walking out of the beer store. It was a bottle I hadn’t seen before and I had recently helped my wife brew a batch of beer containing Galaxy hops from Australia so I thought […]

Buffalo IPA – Flying Bison’s West Coast Gambit

Flying Bison Buffalo IPA

Flying Bison Buffalo IPA – 6.2% ABV Every now and then I get the hankering to try something different. Being a malt-forward guy, I’m often somewhat iffy when trying pale ales, IPAs, sours, etc. I’ll try them, don’t get me wrong, but something with more body and a little more sweetness than bitterness is right […]