A Craft Beer Wedding Done the Keg Tap Way

A Craft Beer Wedding

On August 23, 2014 I officially became a spoken-for man by marrying my gorgeous wife Sonia. Since The Keg Tap is where I lay my beer blogging hat, I couldn’t have the typical wedding beers of Coors Light, Corona, etc. I had to do it the Keg Tap way. That being said, at my craft beer wedding we had the following beers: My Pliny the Elder clone (dubbed Tiny the Welder), Irving’s Hennepin clone (dubbed Jasonia Saison), Ballast Point Sculpin, South Hampton Double White and an assortment of macro beers for the non-believers. Also Jason C brought some Cascade The Vine and Rob brought The Bruery Smoking Wood which made up the private reserved stash. Only a select few had access to it, especially those outside of the Keg Tap ranks – most notably my good friend Roger from Denver, a noteworthy home brewer himself and a close friend since high school.

Jasonia Cheers

Despite the fact that we had so many there that weren’t craft beer drinkers, at the end of the night Irv’s beer was gone and my keg floated the next day during clean up but I have plenty of macro beers left over. Winning!

I want to thank everyone there, those that were able to contribute to the wedding and take part in it because without you guys I wouldn’t have been able to do it!


The Grooms Cake

The Grooms Cake

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Texas Style - Having grown up down south, I've grown an appreciation for the "bigger is better" mantra. Bigger and bolder flavor is something I crave in my beers. Some people are hop-heads, all they drink are IPA's and other hoppy beers. Others are big on wheat beers. Some like it dark. Me? I'm an all-the-above kind of guy. I've had a love for all varieties since I was young and that has not changed. Good beer is good beer.

I'm constantly seeking out the latest and greatest new variety, because despite having an old-time favorite beer, drinking the same old flavors over and over gets old. That being said, I've got to try something new, explore my boundaries. After all, variety is the spice of life, no?

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  1. Mr. Fear no beer says:

    You sir gave me one hell of an idea!! Congrats on the wedding !!

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