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Texas Style - Having grown up down south, I've grown an appreciation for the "bigger is better" mantra. Bigger and bolder flavor is something I crave in my beers. Some people are hop-heads, all they drink are IPA's and other hoppy beers. Others are big on wheat beers. Some like it dark. Me? I'm an all-the-above kind of guy. I've had a love for all varieties since I was young and that has not changed. Good beer is good beer.

I'm constantly seeking out the latest and greatest new variety, because despite having an old-time favorite beer, drinking the same old flavors over and over gets old. That being said, I've got to try something new, explore my boundaries. After all, variety is the spice of life, no?

Favorite Beers - Unibroue La Fin du Monde, Founders Backwoods Bastard, Schlafly Oak Aged Barleywine

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Handling Relationships with Non-Beer Lovers


My dream girl has long been the woman who not only inspires me intellectually, but shares all of my passions. This includes beer. As it stands, I only have one of the two now, but batting .500 ain’t too shabby just about anywhere you go. I have been a beer lover for decades already. When I was […]

The Chilltown Craft Beer Festival


Chilltown Craft Beer Festival Maybe this should be entitled “Reflections from the Other Side.” Not too long ago, the only mention of beer festivals were the ones we went to as paying attendees, eager to seek out the craft brewers – who were the focal point of said festivals – and their delicious concoctions. This […]

Bonding Through Beer – Making Friends Through the Suds


Bonding Through Beer It’s no secret that it is easy to make friends while you’re hanging out in the bar throwing back a couple of cold ones. You obviously have similar interests – beer and probably football or whatever sport is on the TV – and it’s only natural to assimilate with others who are […]

Happy New Beer! Random Musings for 2014


Greetings! Now that we’ve hit 2014, a new year is upon us and with that a whole new round of adventures. And beer festivals. I swear to God, as soon as I the clock struck midnight on Dec 31/Jan 1, my inbox seemingly began to flood with notices about upcoming beer festivals. Many I’ve already […]

The Big Brew Beer Festival – Redemption At Last

Big Brew Beer Festival

Big Brew Beer Festival 2013 Anyone who has been following this site should know of the abject failure that was the first try in Morristown. The original Big Brew Beer Festival at the Morristown Armory was a noble effort in its attempt, but it was a disaster when all was said and done. Everyone should […]

Stuck in a Rut? Think Outside the Box…

Photo by marvin L of Flickr.com

  Brewer’s Block! This one goes out to a wide variety of people – all the would-be home brewers out there, eager to jump into this and make beer of their own, as well as the guys and girls who are already actively brewing, but hitting a speed bump in creativity. I am constantly brainstorming […]

Dr. Strangebrew: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hops

photo by mezzoblue of flicker.com

Sounds like a movie title right? DING DING DING!! Give yourself a cigar. The title is based on one of my all-time favorite movies – “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” – something I first saw with my retired veteran grandfather at the age of 12. In this […]

Stranger in a Strange Land – Being a Craft Beer Guy in a Macro-Dominated Society

photo by Gord McKenna of flickr.com

I’m no stranger to parties or social events. Any chance I get to host or attend some sort of social function, whether alone or with the help of friends, I jump at it. I’ve done an after-hours beer tasting seminar in my office and plan to continue them, I’ve helped host private parties at the […]

Texas Strong – Mad Meg Provisional Farmhouse Ale


Jester King Mad Meg Provisional Farmhouse Ale 8.9% ABV This was a surprise for me. I got this one in a recent trip to my hometown in Texas. What I had expected to be a standard saison/farmhouse style ale turned out to be more like a citrusy version of a Belgian strong ale. Mad Meg was quite nice […]

Extract, Partial or All-Grain? The Homebrew Debate


The Homebrew Debate There is a vast and growing population of those who enjoy drinking craft beer. Some of us drink it for the flavor we can’t find in the macro beer community. Some of us do it to be trendy and hipster or “cool.” Let’s face it, there are posers out there, even in […]