Pumpkin Peach Ale – the Continued Rise of Craft Beer

craft beer

I know this may be disheartening to some of the macro breweries – aka major labels – out there, but the fight is over. Craft beer has won. One particular mass brewer, who shall remain nameless, still continues to bash craft beer. Ironic, considering they continue to buy up or co-opt every craft brewery they […]

The Mojo Lounge: Reflections and Memories of Finding the Right Bar


The Mojo Lounge Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Everyone is in that lovey-dovey, stomach aflutter, doves in the air good feeling. Me, I’m in a period of transition and reflection. Two nights ago, my local bar – The Mojo Lounge, aka the place I’ve called my second home for the past 13 years […]

How to Keg Beer! (video)

How To Keg Beer

How to Keg Beer Many a home brewer knows the effort and time it takes to bottle a batch of beer. On top of that, there is the waiting period required during bottle conditioning. Here I go over the process of how to keg beer – from hooking up your draft lines to force carbonating your beer in the […]

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Homebrew Equipment Without Breaking The Bank!

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Homebrew Equipment

Last month we focused on home brewing and covered various methods as to how to brew your own beer. One of the most important facets of brewing at home – besides you the brewer of course – is your homebrew equipment. That being said, where do you go for such items? When you first start out, most people […]

How To Bottle Beer with Jason (video)

How to Bottle Beer

How To Bottle Beer In this video I go over the process of bottling my Scotch Ale Brewers Best kit that I brewed two weeks ago. Its a pretty simple process that does take a considerable amount of time and drives most homebrewers to buy keg kits. Nonetheless for those that don’t want to invest […]

Homebrewing 101 – Extract Brewing

homebrewing an extract kit

Homebrewing 101 – Extract Brewing Here we discuss the fundamentals of brewing and the easiest way to becoming a home brewer, extract brewing. Extract brewing is the beginner level of brewing and a great first step for anyone who wants to turn an interest into a hobby. Essentially the first step of the brewing process, […]

Operation Kegerator – A DIY Adventure

Kegerator. credit: Neal Patel of flickr.com

I love draft beer. There are no two ways about it. If I could have beer on tap anytime of the day or night anywhere I went, I would be a happy man. On that note, I brewed a Pliny The Elder clone for my wedding a couple months ago and had it on tap during […]

Real Women Don’t Drink Light Beer!

Real Women in Craft Beer Sticker

Women in Craft Beer I know this might throw some people for a loop, but I’ve never been about the conventional.   Something dawned on me a long time ago and recent cases have only bolstered my argument. Women seem to be an emerging market in the craft beer industry. Now before you get put-off or […]

A Craft Beer Wedding Done the Keg Tap Way

Jason's Craft Beer Wedding

A Craft Beer Wedding On August 23, 2014 I officially became a spoken-for man by marrying my gorgeous wife Sonia. Since The Keg Tap is where I lay my beer blogging hat, I couldn’t have the typical wedding beers of Coors Light, Corona, etc. I had to do it the Keg Tap way. That being said, at my craft […]

My Wedding Beer Brew Day – Pliny The Elder Clone


I’ve mentioned before that I’m getting married in less than two months – late August. For as much of a DIY kind of guy as I am, I decided it would be cool to not only buy beer for the reception, but also to have something on tap that most people would not be able […]