About Irving

I'm just a guy who has a passion for good beer. Over the past few years I've been making it a point to introduce my friends to good quality beer and now, all of you. There's a world beyond cold activated cans, clydesdales, green bottles and Mexican clear bottled beer, you just need to tap that keg. Stay thirsty but stay different.

Brownies with Founders Breakfast Stout

Brownies with Founders Breakfast Stout | The Keg Tap

Today Irving bakes brownies with Founders Breakfast Stout. A fudgy, decadent, dense, brownie packed full of flavor. Watch the video and read the recipe.

Born the Hard Way: Budweiser’s New Marketing Campaign


Budweiser’s new TV commercial Born the Hard Way makes me hate to love it but it really is a damn good commercial.

Stone Xocoveza – So Good I Had to Fix My Hair


Irving reviews Stone Xocoveza in this video beer review.

Carton Unjunct Stout a #TBT Stout

carton unjunct stout

Carton Unjunct a #tbt stout that has me quoting Shakespeare in this video beer review.

Magic Hat Art Hop Brings Me Back to Belgium

Magic Hat Art Hop Ale

Magic Hat Art Hop Ale is an American Imperial Blonde Ale but did Magic Hat deliver on the promise? Watch the video review and find out.

Oktoberfest: A Beer Drinking Festival?

oktoberfest credit: www.oktoberfest.de/

Oktoberfest is much more than beer in large steins served by scantly clad women, its a cultural experience.

Bottle Stoppers Make Me Feel Like a Big Boy

Bottle Stoppers

Drinking 22 ounces of a 12% beer isn’t always the way to go on a school night, luckily there’s an option. Bottle Stoppers.

Beer Fatigue is Real

beer fatigue

Beer fatigue has set in and planted its nasty roots on my tongue but there might be hope.

Rogue Cold Brew IPA: The Bastard Brew

Rouge Cold Brew IPA

Rogue Cold Brew IPA tastes like coffee and an IPA met in a bar, they woke up the next morning, stared at each other wondering what the hell happened and 9 months later Rogue Cold Brew IPA popped out.

Father’s Day Beer Gifts 2016

Fathers Day Beer Gifts 2016

Put down the socks and ties your dad doesn’t want that! Instead use this Father’s Day Beer Gifts list and get him something that says you put thought into the gift.