Automatic Homebrewing Devices, Are They Worth It? pt2

The PicoBrew



This small batch brewing device brews a one gallon batch of beer using pre-made packets that you drop into the machine similar to the Brewie. The packets are purchased on the PicoBrew online “app store.” There you can choose from various recipes and kits from very well respected breweries like Dogfish Head, Rogue and 21st Amendment. This is the one of the major departures from the Brewie, PicoBrew has partnered with big name breweries to offer kits of already famous beer.

The device works very similar to the Brewie, with some key differences. The tray to insert your ingredients is removable, making clean up easier. The secondary water tank is a small keg that comes along with the device and acts as the water storage, fermentor and kegging vessel, which rounds out this device and makes it a truly all in one package, unlike the Brewie.

Its small size does lend itself well to counter top storage, albeit not as attractive as the Brewie and weighing in at 31.5 pounds makes it semi-portable. It has an attractive price tag of $500 which brings this within reach of average consumers and potentially as a holiday gift idea.


  • The user interface seems dated and simplistic to a fault.
  • Ordering custom ingredients through the marketplace. While the site states you can customize recipes already on the site it doesn’t specifically say you can create your own.
  • Monitoring of gravity, fermentation temperatures and IBUs. With a fully automated process I would like to know that I am actually hitting my target numbers if I’m putting together my own recipe.
  • It only brews one gallon of beer at a time. This could be a plus and minus, less beer means more beer to brew.

The MiniBrew cont.



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  1. you page about the minibrew is not working…

  2. George Dyke says:

    PicoBrew has another product called Zymatic that lets you craft recipes with your own ingredients and it produces 2.5 gal batches. Its retail price is $1995. They have been shipping for about 2 years now and are being used by both breweries and home-brewers that want high-quality repeatable results every time, allowing you to focus on the craft of brewing instead of the monotonous mechanics and the cleaning.

    • You know when I first saw the Picobrew I thought to myself, I remember seeing this a few years ago and thought that this new Picobrew must have been the final result of the what I saw a few years earlier. I didn’t realize they were two different systems. Thanks and Cheers!

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