Basic Homebrewing Equipment – A Guide to Getting Started

OK so we brewed one batch of beer using the Craft A Brew kit and you saw a stripped down version of the process. Now you think that’s something you can handle, right? Ok good!  Here’s a list of equipment you’re going to need to begin your homebrewing experience.

Basic Homebrewing Equipment

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Basic Homebrewing Equipment

  • Kettle
  • Starter Kit

This is the basic equipment you need. Could you get a fancier kettle? Sure if you have the money you could get one already with a ball valve on the bottom for roughly $140 on or the Megapot from NorthernBrewer starting at $180. There’s all sorts of equipment to buy but if you want to start somewhere, start here.

View the Advanced Homebrewing Equipment guide for that homebrewer in your life that wants to take things to the next level.

Life is Brewtiful!



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