Beer and Turkey: Brined, Canned or Basted

beer and turkey

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With thanksgiving only a few weeks away I’m starting to look for some turkey recipes to cook and what better addition than beer? Wait maybe bacon! NAHHH. Depending on the type of beer you can add so much additional flavor to a turkey. Stouts are good to add a toasty malty component to beer, lagers add a touch of bitterness, browns can be used in a sauce to glaze your beer the possibilities are there you just got to have the ganas to reach out and DO IT!

Methods to infuse beer and turkey vary widely, you can do the beer-can turkey, where you literally take a can of beer and shove it into the turkey and grill or roast it. Brining, my personal favorite can be used to really impart flavor throughout the meat but this requires additional time and planning. You can baste a turkey with beer which will give you a juicy tasty skin. But where do you start? What recipes do you chose from? To make it easier I’ve compiled a list of beer and turkey recipes to get your pilas working.

Here are a colection of recipes that combine beer and turkey giving you a hoppy thanksgiving :) I couldn’t resist.

Beer Can Turkey

BeerCan Turkey

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Iron Chef Cat Cora’s Beer-Can Turkey

Iron Chef Michael Symon’s Beer can Turkey


Beer Brined Turkey

Brined Turkey

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Roasted Beer-Brined Turkey with Onion Gravy and Bacon

Malt-Beer-Brined Turkey With Malt Glaze


Beer Basted Turkey

Basting Turkey

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Beer and Rosemary Roasted Turkey

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