A Beer You Can Bring Home to Meet Your Mother: Magic Hat Feast of Fools (video)

Magic Hat Feast of Fools 2014 Raspberry Stout

I brought a bottle of an Imperial Barrel Aged stout to my family’s house for Thanksgiving thinking I was treating them all to a very special beer. Turns out they didn’t like it at all and I ended up drinking 750ml of a 13% imperial stout, which is not that bad of a deal. If I would have had Magic Hat Feast of Fools I would probably have left Thanksgiving very sober because they would have imbibed the whole bottle. This is a very approachable stout that eases noobs into the style without smacking them in the face with that bourbon, coffee, chocolate boozy flavor that comes with the imperial stouts I love.

Watch the full beer review of Feast of Fools in the video above.


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