Beer Milkshake with Atwater Vanilla Java Porter

The Beer Bros Conclude their week of Beer Milkshake with a perennial favorite, Atwater Brewery’s Vanilla Java Porter.  The Bros, have used this beer in several of their cooking exploits and it follows true as an ingredient in one of the three Milkshakes this week!  Check out what we combined as additives and also what we thought.  Don’t forget, Friday also means Beer Of The Week!!!   Keep tuning in for our latest beer reviews.  Until next time, BEER BROS OUT!!!

From Atwater Brewery website:

Atwater Brewery Vanilla Java Porter

With a beautifully crafted, copper cored English Style Porter at its heart, Atwater’s Vanilla Java Porter tips its hat to the modern audience with the addition of vanilla and coffee that is locally brewed cold to eliminate burnt flavors. The beer, vanilla, and coffee tumble together, enhancing the smooth nature of each.


Atwater Brewery Vanilla Java Porter

Atwater Brewery Vanilla Java Porter

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