Beer Smack Down: Battle Wheat Beer

The Keg Tap Smack Down: Battle Wheat

Its that time of year where summer comes out to play and the stouts go away. So with the introduction of the season and the heating up of our britches, we decided to bring you the awesomeness of wheat beers. This time instead of bringing you one review we decided to find out which wheat beer holds it own in the federation of wheat beer. To find out which wheat beer reigns supreme we took three beers and put them in a ring and let them duke it out in a wheat beer royal rumble. For this smack down we chose: Southampton Double White, Allagash White and Victory Whirlwind. Both Southampton and Allagash get high review marks on both major beer review website and we thought we would throw in one underdog  to see if it could topple the giants.

For this review we have Jason C and Jason M hosted by yours truly me :) Watch the video above and don’t forget to watch the blooper reel at the end of the video.

Winner of the Keg Tap Smack Down: Battle Wheat = Southampton Double White.

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Allagash White, Southampton Double White and Victory Whirlwind

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  1. Kessler says:

    Great video review! Push away from the table J-Dog. LOL!

  2. Nice… I now want to try the SouthHampton Double White, Cheers!

  3. SouthHampton be on my next shopping list

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