Bottling the Snake River Whiskey Barrel Porter


Now presenting Snake River Whiskey Barrel Stout…

12-17-2011 – This weekend we convened for another round in the beer-making process – Bottling. Jason and Rob came over to my place and we commenced the bottling while enjoying a few tasty beverages. What better way to celebrate bottling a beer than by enjoying another?  Included in the list of libations were Samuel Adams Irish Red, Tröegs Mad Elf, Boaks Two Blind Monks, as well as The Keg Tap’s own Bubbly Blonde. The Mad Elf was an exciting take on a holiday beer, offering up a spicy cherries-and-clove kind of taste. The Boaks was a nice dubbel, with a malty sweetness and nutty flavor, slight caramel hint. The Irish Red was a nice supporting character, offering up roasted malty sweetness, flavors of bread and caramel with a slight hop finish. I noticed how much smoother the Blonde is now that it has had extra time to condition and mellow. The hoppy bite has been subdued a bit, allowing for the rest of the flavors to shine.

The same must be said for the Whiskey Barrel Porter, as the recommended conditioning time for this is 3-4 months. They say the flavor will be its best after 4, so I can see myself cellaring a good size chunk of this batch for the next fall or winter and enjoying it then at its peak. The oak and whiskey are obviously going to need time to really work themselves in with the porter in order to produce the desired flavor.The oak was soaking in the carboy for a good week before this, and its aroma was definitely present. After adding the whiskey, we could definitely get a whiff of that too. It nicely complemented the oak and the aroma of the very dark malty porter. This is going to be hard to wait for, but I’m confident that it will be a real joy when it is finally popped open and poured into a snifter. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Enjoy the pics. Cheers!

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I'm constantly seeking out the latest and greatest new variety, because despite having an old-time favorite beer, drinking the same old flavors over and over gets old. That being said, I've got to try something new, explore my boundaries. After all, variety is the spice of life, no?

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  1. Sweet! 4 months will be long time to wait. Good luck!

  2. Yes it will, but as they say – the best things come to those who wait. You’ll get to see for yourself when you come up here in a few months. We’ll brew up a batch and enjoy christening this latest variety. Also, I’m deciding on whether to cellar a small part of this batch for next fall/winter. I’m hoping all that aging will make it even better.

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