Bringing some estroJen to The Keg Tap


I have always enjoyed beer and never felt that it wasn’t ladylike to be a beer drinker. As I educate myself on the different varieties and styles of beer, I always spread the knowledge to my female friends when I have a beer that I believe they would enjoy and is perfect for them. I have tasted so many varieties of great beer and there are still so many more to try which is really exciting and makes me happy to be a new addition to The Keg Tap. We need to break out of these molds and idea’s that keep us pigeon holed and living in a box! I agree there are some delicious womanly beverages out there and I do enjoy trying all manners of spirits but I always go back to a nice beer when I want to relax and unwind.

My First

My introduction to craft beer was on a cold NYC night, we were searching for a place to warm up on the outside, while consuming an alcoholic beverage to warm up our insides. Of course we picked a super expensive place and the prices for the beers I was used to drinking were ridiculous, let alone the price of a watered down mixed drink. A busboy walked over to us as we were looking at the menu and told us about Three Philosophers, a beer that was 9.70% ABV and was like getting two beers for the price of one … we were sold and upon first taste a whole new world of beer opened up. I am a conscious eater and fitness geek, so being able to consume twice the amount of alcohol in the same amount of drink made me a happy woman! The second beer was Delirium Tremens, a suggestion from another beer drinking friend, between the cute elephant on the bottle and the taste, I needed no more convincing that there was an art to making beer. I actually had never heard of craft beer prior to that … gasp … I know, I know … but we are all works in progress and I am happy to have this new world of beer in my life and plan to try as many beers as I can and share my journey with you.

As a hand crafter and avid DIY-er I like the idea of drinking a brew that had been crafted by someone genuinely interested in producing a beverage that they have designed and crafted on their own.

Let’s grow in craft beer lovin’ together!




  1. Three Philosophers is not a bad way to start craft beer drinking … Cheers and I look forward to reading more from you!

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