Fiendishly Dry-Hopped Belgium Ale: The Bruery Mischief (video)

The Bruery Mischief Belgian Ale 8.5%

Last week I reviewed Piraat Ale that was dubbed a Hoppy Belgian Ale and I didn’t really taste any of the hops, so I wanted to take another shot and see if this too could rock my socks. Enters The Bruery Mischief Ale who’s description on the label is as follows:

Not quite evil, yet not to be trusted, this Golden Ale is effervescent, dry, hoppy and crisp – you’ll want to keep an eye out.

With that sort of marketing I was anxious to give the Bruery Mischief Ale a once over,  this time with an American twist. Leave your thoughts and comments below and remember to subscribe to our youtube page if you likey :)

The Keg Tap Rating: A-

The Bruery Mischief

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