Belgian Beer Renamed ‘America’



A Belgian beer will officially change its name this summer on all cans to read ‘America.’ Yes, this summer you’ll be able to buy cans of America in stores and drink it while watching the US Olympic Games and grilling some hamburgers on 4th of July. Now that’s MURICA!

But First. Budweiser is produced by a Belgium Company, YES FOR REAL!  In 2008 InBev purchased Anheuser-Busch becoming A-B InBev and its headquarters is located in Belgium. Don’t believe me, it says so right on the company website.

Now. I find it insulting that a non-American company is trying to portray it self as the ultimate piece of Americana. My Subaru was made in Indiana but the world knows, I bought a Japanese car, hell even the factory workers that assembled it know its a Japanese car. Before that car, I had a Toyota that was made in Canada and I still bought a Japanese car not a Canadian car. Yes you could argue Anheuser-Busch has American roots and you’re right they WERE American but in 2008 the American company we knew became a Belgian company.

If you label yourself ‘America’ you better damn well be an American company. The American Budweiser of old is gone and exists only in name by a company that’s trying to fight against the REAL American breweries by forcing shitty Belgian beer down your pie hole wrapped in American patriotism.  There’s no way a non-American entity is going to get me to be more American by making me drink shitty Belgian beer. That’s not the way this works!

Buy your six pack of ‘America’ this summer and let me know what Belgian desperation tastes like. I’ll spend my money in the US economy and support a company whose money stays within our country and actually supports the United States of MURICA! Like maybe one of the over 3,000 craft breweries in the United States brewed, owned, managed and 100% invested in the US economy. NOW THAT’S MURICA!

Oh and BTW the Clydesdale horses are Scottish.

PS Thanks for your amazing waffles, chocolate and french fries though!

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  1. Mr_FearNoBeer says:

    Why? Because no one will say America is crap.

    • More like because they are desperate and the only way to get you to drink that shitty beer is to make you think you’re super patriotic and if you drink anything else you’re less of an American. I will never call it America we are too good to have a shitty beer named after us.

  2. Maybe they can produce it cheaper and get it to us in merica at a better price. Merica loves competition.

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