Can Bohemia Beer Quench My Thirst and Satisfy My Palate?

Bohemia Beer

Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Bohemia 5.3% ABV

About six months ago I came across an image on the internet of Bohemia beer emblazoned with Frida Kahlo’s likeness. Being a huge fan of hers, that picture instantly caught my attention and made me want to crack one open and enjoy its sweet nectar.

Bohemia beer image courtesy of Pour

Bohemia beer image courtesy of

Only trouble was Bohemia isn’t distributed in the state of New Jersey :( So I had to suck it up and move on. Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to try this beer for the first time and I surely was happy I did. Normally a mass market beer wouldn’t be something I review or even take the time to write about BUT since I had built this anticipation up for more than six months now, I thought it was a worthy candidate. I will say though, not that it makes any difference, but the beer I tried didn’t have the Frida Kahlo image on it, the beer is still the same though.

Considering the reputation that Mexican lagers have I’m really not expecting much from this beer so let’s give her a whirl. Upon first sip I notice there is no discernible smell to be had, which I was expecting. I wasn’t expecting the taste though, you get this malty, slightly spicy, earthy kick from the hops which lingers on the tongue and finishes very nicely. I gave a sip to my wife and she said “this tastes like a light malta goya” which is something I grew up on and probably the reason I always had a one pack for abs all my life. Bohemia is very approachable and really gives me flavor, which to be honest,  really surprised me. Out of  of the Mexican lagers I’ve had, this probably goes down as my favorite. This beer delivers taste very familiar to me, in a refreshing and slightly alcoholic presentation kicked up with some spiciness, I mean how can that be bad right?

Overall Bohemia beer is really a great refreshing lager that offers something many other Mexican lagers lack, TASTE! Pick one up for yourself and tell me what you think.

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