Hat Tricks Sports Bar – Lewisville, TX

Coach Joe's Hat Tricks

Coach Joe Avezzano’s Hat Tricks Sports Bar – Lewisville, TX. When I’m not traveling for work, I don’t like to stray too far from my home, especially on adult beverage night. In fact, my rule of thumb is to stay within a 15 mile radius from my dwelling. Lucky for me, Dallas is 15 min to the […]

Nothing like a Good BrewPub on a Business Trip: Iron Hill Brewery


Nothing like a good BrewPub on a Business Trip… especially on the Company Dime!  Iron Hill Brewery in Phoenixville, Pa. How many of you have experienced the following situation: you are scheduled to go on a multi-day business trip to a place you haven’t been before, your day ends at a reasonable time and you […]

Things That Piss Me Off at a Bar

beer neon sign by danmachold of flickr.com

Old and new bars alike are beginning to catch/ride the craft beer tsunami, which is awesome. The problem is, there are some major craft beer bar faux pas that sometimes put me into a Vegeta rage. Below are a list of items that I wanted to address in hopes to help your budding bar out and to put […]

Salute to Acropolis Steakhouse: Portland, OR

Acropolis Portland Sign by sparklemotion0 of flikr.com

Acropolis Steakhouse Plus: Portland, Oregon Come hither dear sir – find a cozy seat, have a hearty meal and enjoy the top of the line entertainment show that Portland has to offer!!! Whoa is this a Manhattan quality theatrical show or part of the Shakespearean Festival in Ashland, Oregon or is this the mother-effen Portland […]

In De Wildeman – Amsterdam, NL


  WoW! I was at the In de Wildeman in Asmterdam, Netherlands last week! When I walked in this old bar I felt honored and told my buddy Ryan and friend Liz that they should feel honored being in this bar too. Dude, it was like a christian entering a cathederal! Anthony Bourdain visited this […]

Beer Sausage & Hops Galore! Coalition Brewing – Portland, OR


I am a very lucky that a short 3 block walk from my apartment stands the Coalition Brewing pub “and 10-barrel brewery.” Not a big brewery or pub but their tasty largely hoppy beers makes the brewery have a big feel to it. It has a very nice outdoor seating area and if you want […]

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas … or is it? Winter Beer night at Barcade Jersey City


What’s better than, sitting around a fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa while the snow dances around the night sky? Doing that with a goblet of craft beer instead! When I think of winter I think of snow, pine trees, wreaths, fireplaces or the smell of roasted nuts, to me that is the essence of winter. Last […]

The Emerald in the Bog – A Trip to O’Abbey’s Corner Pub

O'Abbey's Corner Pub & Grill

Jason and I had been talking about this new place under renovation in the desolate industrial wasteland that is west side Jersey City, to what was once known as Harriet’s. This place was an old dive bar with a pool table in the middle of it and not much else. Dark bland colors and that […]

Laurelwood Public House & Brewery


My buddy Ryan and I went to the organic Laurelwood Public House & Brewery in Northeast PDX on 51st and Sandy for happy hour after work tonight. I’ve tasted two beers from this brewery before (seasonal Vinter Varmer and Gearhead IPA) and blogged about them for the KT. We sat in the bar area and […]

Thank you all for the benefit of John Brown


This past Saturday many of my co-workers, friends, significant others and I attended a special event for an awesome cause at the Macadam’s Bar & Grill in Southwest Portland. The cause was a benefit for John Brown. In my regular life away from drinking and writing about micro beer, craft beer and related topics, I […]