Brunch with a Side of Belgian Triple: Hawthorne’s Cafe Philly


Having the opportunity to spend some time in Philadelphia over the weekend, I wanted to find a place where I could purchase quality craft beer that I can’t find in Jersey. In looking around for spots, I happen to come across a review for a place called Hawthorne’s Cafe in the Bella Vista section of […]

The Laurelhurst Theater and Pub

laurelhurst theater by tornatore of

Portland’s largest newspaper (and Oregon for that matter), The Oregonian, on 11/01/11 wrote an article about the city’s “vintage, independent movie theaters.” This is great for movie and history buffs. But the best reason I like these theaters is that they serve beer and people can drink while watching the movie. But even better than […]

The Tripel Blonde at The Office


Saturday Oct 8, 2011 – We convened at Rob’s house again for the next brewing. This time, Nate brought us a Belgian Tripel to sink our teeth into. It was amazing how much and how many assorted sugars go into this to create the high ABV level of a tripel. After all, it is the […]

Barcade Jersey City

Barcade by goodrob13 of

Last year I had the privilege of visiting Barcade in Brooklyn, NY and I was left with video game nostalgia and overwhelmed by choices of brews I could barely pronounce. I remember having two (uber hoppy) beers that I hated and after a few games of dig dug and mike tyson’s punch out, we left. So some […]

Hopworks Urban Brewery: A Chill Brewpub in Portland


  Hopworks Urban Brewery located in Inner Southeast Portland offers organic micros and sustainable food in addition to a great atmosphere to relax with friends or family either in their restaurant part of the building or in the bar area. This brewery has embraced Portland’s Green sub-culture (or culture) and has recently opened up a […]

Iron Monkey – Jersey City


Like gitty school children, the Keg Tap gang awed in amazement at the 15 plus page list of the tap and bottle beer menu at the Iron Monkey in Jersey City, NJ. We studied it, some salivating over the pages but in the end it was too massive of a list to conquer, so we decided to forego the […]

George Street Ale House

George Street Ale House

As I walked out the restaurant just having lunch, it stared at me like a pedophile with candy inviting me to stop in for a brew but I had to get back to work. Lucky for me a buddy of mine wanted to indulge in a New Brunswick Happy Hour that day, so I suggested the George Street […]