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East Coast IPA – All Grain Recipe

East Coast IPA Recipe

For the past 6 months I have been on a kick of trying to brew an East Coast IPA to my liking and here’s the all grain recipe I came up with.

Homebrew Clubs – Why You Should Join One


A homebrew club is an essential tool in your evolution of brewing better beer plus much, much more. Here’s why you should join one today.

All Hail the Lizard King of Pipeworks

Pipeworks Lizard King

Hermen pours a Lizard King from Pipeworks and is coming around to Mosaic hops in this beer review.

Beer & Chicken Tacos? Better. Beer IN Chicken Tacos – Recipe

chicken tacos

Yes beer and tacos pair perfectly together but how about cooking your chicken tacos with beer, specially an IPA in this chicken tacos recipe.

Dovetail Brewery is a Must See for Any Beer Lover

Dovetail Brewery Barrel

So I visited Dovetail brewery in Chicago and had a great time meeting passionate beer folks and trying great beers and it truly is a must see brewery.

Brownies with Founders Breakfast Stout

Brownies with Founders Breakfast Stout | The Keg Tap

Today Irving bakes brownies with Founders Breakfast Stout. A fudgy, decadent, dense, brownie packed full of flavor. Watch the video and read the recipe.

Born the Hard Way: Budweiser’s New Marketing Campaign


Budweiser’s new TV commercial Born the Hard Way makes me hate to love it but it really is a damn good commercial.

Combating a Lack of Diversity in Craft Beer

diversity in craft beer

With so few minorities in craft beer the lack of diversity in craft beer is astounding. Here’s a list of things that you can do to diversify the market. Yes You!

Rollin’ Dirty: Keg Cleaning Guide


Jason runs through the process of keg cleaning and sanitizing to help you brew a better beer. Cheers!

Stone Xocoveza – So Good I Had to Fix My Hair


Irving reviews Stone Xocoveza in this video beer review.