Oktoberfest at The Radler

Oktoberfest at The Radler

Oktoberfest at The Radler in Chicago was a yummy and thirst quenching experience.

Oktoberfest: A Beer Drinking Festival?

oktoberfest credit: www.oktoberfest.de/

Oktoberfest is much more than beer in large steins served by scantly clad women, its a cultural experience.

What’s Your Favorite Drinking Spot?

Favorite Drinking Spot

We all have our favorite drinking spot to unwind and relax with a favorite craft beer. Mine is in my living room in front of my TV but where’s yours?

Bottle Stoppers Make Me Feel Like a Big Boy

Bottle Stoppers

Drinking 22 ounces of a 12% beer isn’t always the way to go on a school night, luckily there’s an option. Bottle Stoppers.

Pucker Up Buttercup! – Getting into Sour Beer

Sour Beer Photo by Lara604 of Flickr.com

The resurgence of sour beer is in full swing here’s a quick tour of the “style” and what to look for.

Sharing is Caring: 7 Bottle Share Tips

Natali Bottle Share

Some tips on making it through your first craft beer bottle share from me and my friends at the Mikkeller Running Club.

Sensory Overload – Diving in After Recovering


Surgery, Sickness and Beer how they all fit into the past month of my life.

Summa Summa Summa Time Pilsner Recipe

Sommer Bier

My Pilsner recipe is a clean one malt recipe with a perfect hop profile to have you sitting back and enjoying summer the proper way.

Beer Fatigue is Real

beer fatigue

Beer fatigue has set in and planted its nasty roots on my tongue but there might be hope.

How To Make a Pretzel Necklace: A Beer Festival Must

Pretzel Necklace

Stop paying $15 for a slice of pizza and bring your own pretzel necklace to your next beer festival with these easy steps.