Entering Homebrew Competitions – Why You Should Do It

Natinal Homebrew Conference

Entering homebrew competitions can be an unsettling but here’s why you should cast aside those fears and enter one anyway.

Hops and Squats: Craft Beer and Healthy Living – Part 2

Beer and Healthy Living

Hermen updates us on his beer and healthy living journey and gives some key tips on managing it all. Cheers!

Fermentation Chambers: Why they matter


Fermentation Chambers are essential for turning good beer to great beer. Hermen explains why you should buy one yesterday.

Hops and Squats: Craft Beer and Healthy Living

Hops and Squats

Hops and Squats, can there be a balance? Is it ok to drink beer and still be focused on fitness and health? Hermen is on a quest to find out.

Beer Snobs: Don’t Be That Person


Beer Snobs we’ve all seen them and you probably have the potential to be one, in the end though just enjoy beer!

5 Reasons to Homebrew

Homebrewing HLT

So imagine this.  You show up to a party with a six pack.  Everyone gives you a “what up!” when you walk through the door and you quickly find your 4 good friends looking at the table of options.  You set your unmarked 6-pack down and one of your friend asks “What did you bring?” and you […]

5 Thanksgiving Beers

Thanksgiving Beers

There is a lot to be thankful for this year.  One thing to be thankful is the amazing beer that we have right at our finger tips.  Seriously, we are in a craft beer boom and there is no better way to show our gratitude than to do it with the beer we drink and share […]

Dubbel Vision: A Recipe for Success!

Hermen Dubbel Recipe

I am a seasonal drinker and I don’t care.  By seasonal drinker, I mean that I tend to drink beers that correlate with the season.  Saisons and Pales in the spring, IPAs and Pilsners in the summer, malty Lagers and dark Belgians in the fall and of course Stouts and Porters in the winter.  When everyone is pouring […]

Great American Beer Festival 2015 – Go Big or Go Home

GABF Photo © Brewers Association

Great American Beer Festival 2015 Another Great American Beer Festival (GABF) is in the books.  I attended, I conquered and well, I can’t wait until next year.  This year’s festival was huge!  I have been in years past and seemed to navigate my way around an already big setup, but this year I was like […]

Northern Brewer is Smashing Pumpkins One Gallon At A Time

Northern Brewer Smashing Pumpkin

Tis’ the season.  Pumpkin Spice lattes, Pumpkin pies, Pumpkin Oreos, Pumkin Dunkin Donuts, Pumpkin Vodka, Pumpkin Pringles and of course the Smashing Pumpkin Ale homebrew kit from Northern Brewer.  I was given the opportunity to brew this all pumpkin everything fall inspired beer and it was loads of fun, as it was my first 1 gallon small batch.  Below is […]