Storing Homebrew Supplies


I was gathering all of my brewing supplies together for my brew day. I open the garage door walked over to my immersion chillers and see nothing but green. Great! My chillers have accumulated a green patina over the winter months and now I have to clean everything off before I begin homebrewing. This easily added […]

Equipment for Homebrewing Beer: Where to Start

homebrewing equipment

Brewing beer at home can seem a little daunting but with the proper equipment for homebrewing beer, some passion and patience you too can make terrific homebrew. There are many approaches you can take to get started and I will outline two popular beginner approaches. I will not go into the specific steps of brewing […]

Homebrewing is Too Damn Expensive!

skeptical homebrew kid

So my partner, Erin, called me out this morning.  As I was racking an American Blonde Ale into the keg, we had a little convo that went something like this: Erin: “Remember when you said that homebrewing is cheaper than buying beer?” Me: Eyes getting shifty and I pretended not to hear her. Erin: “Don’t act […]

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Homebrew Equipment Without Breaking The Bank!

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Homebrew Equipment

Last month we focused on home brewing and covered various methods as to how to brew your own beer. One of the most important facets of brewing at home – besides you the brewer of course – is your homebrew equipment. That being said, where do you go for such items? When you first start out, most people […]

Advanced Homebrewing Equipment – A Guide to Step Up Your Game

Homebrewing Equipment Advanced

Advanced Homebrewing Equipment We have rounded out our Homebrew Equipment segment with an advanced homebrew equipment guide. If you missed it, here’s the basic equipment guide that was posted on Tuesday. Is there more than this? Sure it kind of never ends, there’s always something more to DIY or buy and that’s one of the things […]

Advanced and Not-So-Advanced Homebrewing Equipment

Homebrewing HLT

So you are slowly realizing that what was once a hobby has turned into an obsession.  Well, grab a chair, or beer, and join the club.  Homebrewers run the spectrum in equipment used, loved and thrown away.  As I started to become more invested into the hobby, each project, purchase and piece of equipment was […]

Basic Homebrewing Equipment – A Guide to Getting Started

Basic Homebrewing Equipment

OK so we brewed one batch of beer using the Craft A Brew kit and you saw a stripped down version of the process. Now you think that’s something you can handle, right? Ok good!  Here’s a list of equipment you’re going to need to begin your homebrewing experience. Basic Homebrewing Equipment Kettle Starter Kit This […]

Operation Kegerator – A DIY Adventure

Kegerator. credit: Neal Patel of

I love draft beer. There are no two ways about it. If I could have beer on tap anytime of the day or night anywhere I went, I would be a happy man. On that note, I brewed a Pliny The Elder clone for my wedding a couple months ago and had it on tap during […]

Bling Bling Sucka! Building My Keggle

Bling Bling Sucka! Building My Keggle

If you know me, then you know I have the attention span of a small squirrel and am easily distracted by shiny things.  Wait…..what?  Sorry, I just saw something shiny. It was only natural that I bring my attention grabbing obsession to my homebrew setup.  Now, I know that at long as it makes beer […]

My Converted Cooler Mash Tun: Igloo Ice Cube 60qt (video)

Igloo Ice Cube Mash Tun

My Converted Igloo Ice Cube Cooler Mash Tun I started all grain brewing about two years ago with the Brew in A Bag (BIAB) technique and I’ve had great success with that over the years. There have been two occasions though were I wanted to brew five gallons of beer and BIAB just isn’t the […]