East Coast IPA – All Grain Recipe

East Coast IPA Recipe

For the past 6 months I have been on a kick of trying to brew an East Coast IPA to my liking and here’s the all grain recipe I came up with.

A Robust Porter Recipe to Calm Your Tired Shoveling Arms

Robust Porter Recipe

After many years of testing and tweaking I present my American Robust Porter recipe, an ode to Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald. Cheers!

Summa Summa Summa Time Pilsner Recipe

Sommer Bier

My Pilsner recipe is a clean one malt recipe with a perfect hop profile to have you sitting back and enjoying summer the proper way.

Brewing a Northern Brewer Grapefruit Pulpin Kit

Northern Brewer Grapefruit Pulpin

Northern Brewer Grapefruit Pulpin a homebrew kit which I brew up in this video. Stay tuned for updates on this brew including tasting and kegging.

Dubbel Vision: A Recipe for Success!

Hermen Dubbel Recipe

I am a seasonal drinker and I don’t care.  By seasonal drinker, I mean that I tend to drink beers that correlate with the season.  Saisons and Pales in the spring, IPAs and Pilsners in the summer, malty Lagers and dark Belgians in the fall and of course Stouts and Porters in the winter.  When everyone is pouring […]

It’s Oktoberfest. Let’s Brew Something!

German Hefeweizen Batch  Read for Brew Day.

Despite having two jobs that consume my life seven days a week, I try as hard as I can to find time to dedicate towards one of my real passions – beer. I don’t get to do nearly as much with it as I would like, but I’m working on that because I do want […]

How To Create Your Own Homebrew Beer Recipe

How To Create Your Own Homebrew Beer Recipe

For many of us, drinking the beer we like is easy. For those of us who brew our own, the challenging part is to craft a beer that we like and have it come out the way we want it. Start from scratch and create something that both looks like and tastes like what you […]

Coquito Beericua: Injecting La Isla del Encanto Into My Glass

Coquito Beer

There has been a flurry of Horchata beers on the market lately Belching Beaver, Elevation, Cigar City, The Bruery and even Blue Moon threw their hat in the ring. This horchata everything got me thinking, where’s the Puerto Rican inspired beer? Where’s the mavi, parcha, coquito, pina colada, quenepa or pitorro beers? I haven’t seen […]

Strapping on Lederhosen and Munich Dunkel … Ein Prosit!

Munich Dunkel

Oktoberfest is almost underway! While I am not in Germany swinging massive liters of beer from side to side while listening to some good ol’ fashion polka band, I do celebrate in my own way, I BREW! While I have too many favorite German styles to list, two of my all time favorites are Munich […]

Nightmare Before Christmas: A Pumpkin Beer Recipe

Jack Skeleton credit: Martina Yach of flickr.com

Nightmare Before Christmas You may be thinking about Jack Skeleton but I am actually talking about pumpkin beer.  Pumpkin beer in August?  You’re probably thinking I better get out of here with that mess and write about a refreshing brew that will quench your thirst on those hot August days but, as a homebrewer one […]