Beer & Chicken Tacos? Better. Beer IN Chicken Tacos – Recipe

chicken tacos

Yes beer and tacos pair perfectly together but how about cooking your chicken tacos with beer, specially an IPA in this chicken tacos recipe.

Rollin’ Dirty: Keg Cleaning Guide


Jason runs through the process of keg cleaning and sanitizing to help you brew a better beer. Cheers!

How to Build a Kegerator

How To Build a Kegerator

Jason walks you through his process on how to build a kegerator complete with a tap and drip tray in this video using an existing full sized fridge and a little Texas ingenuity while wearing his New Jersey t-shirt :)

Sparging Methods Explained


Sparging methods explained so that you can become a better homebrewer and save some money in the process.


How To Create Your Own Homebrew Beer Recipe

How To Create Your Own Homebrew Beer Recipe

For many of us, drinking the beer we like is easy. For those of us who brew our own, the challenging part is to craft a beer that we like and have it come out the way we want it. Start from scratch and create something that both looks like and tastes like what you […]

Storing Homebrew Supplies


I was gathering all of my brewing supplies together for my brew day. I open the garage door walked over to my immersion chillers and see nothing but green. Great! My chillers have accumulated a green patina over the winter months and now I have to clean everything off before I begin homebrewing. This easily added […]

Equipment for Homebrewing Beer: Where to Start

homebrewing equipment

Brewing beer at home can seem a little daunting but with the proper equipment for homebrewing beer, some passion and patience you too can make terrific homebrew. There are many approaches you can take to get started and I will outline two popular beginner approaches. I will not go into the specific steps of brewing […]

How to Keg Beer! (video)

How To Keg Beer

How to Keg Beer Many a home brewer knows the effort and time it takes to bottle a batch of beer. On top of that, there is the waiting period required during bottle conditioning. Here I go over the process of how to keg beer – from hooking up your draft lines to force carbonating your beer in the […]

How To Bottle Beer with Jason (video)

How to Bottle Beer

How To Bottle Beer In this video I go over the process of bottling my Scotch Ale Brewers Best kit that I brewed two weeks ago. Its a pretty simple process that does take a considerable amount of time and drives most homebrewers to buy keg kits. Nonetheless for those that don’t want to invest […]

All Grain Homebrewing Separates the Cooks from the Chefs (video)

Hermen All Grain Homebrewing

All-grain homebrewing is like going from a cook to a chef. While all-grain brewing is more time intensive, it allows a brewer to have ultimate control of the finished product. Here is the quick and dirty on all-grain brewing to give you an idea of the journey ahead.  On a different note, this is my first […]