Homebrewing 101 – Extract Brewing

homebrewing an extract kit

Homebrewing 101 – Extract Brewing Here we discuss the fundamentals of brewing and the easiest way to becoming a home brewer, extract brewing. Extract brewing is the beginner level of brewing and a great first step for anyone who wants to turn an interest into a hobby. Essentially the first step of the brewing process, […]

Homebrewing a One Gallon Beer with a Craft A Brew Kit (video)


IT’S HOMEBREW MONTH For the entire month of November we are highlighting all things homebrew. This week we are highlighting brewing equipment for those just starting off and don’t know much about the process. To do that we brew a small 1 gallon extract kit from Craft a Brew and go over the basics of […]

Operation Kegerator – A DIY Adventure

Kegerator. credit: Neal Patel of flickr.com

I love draft beer. There are no two ways about it. If I could have beer on tap anytime of the day or night anywhere I went, I would be a happy man. On that note, I brewed a Pliny The Elder clone for my wedding a couple months ago and had it on tap during […]

Bling Bling Sucka! Building My Keggle

Bling Bling Sucka! Building My Keggle

If you know me, then you know I have the attention span of a small squirrel and am easily distracted by shiny things.  Wait…..what?  Sorry, I just saw something shiny. It was only natural that I bring my attention grabbing obsession to my homebrew setup.  Now, I know that at long as it makes beer […]

Homebrew = Community


Finding community in something you love is a beautiful thing.  When you find a community that is centered around learning, support, personal growth, respect and fun, there is little that will keep you from investing in this mutually beneficial relationship.  Community is exactly what I found in homebrewing.  This community is made up of a diverse […]

My Converted Cooler Mash Tun: Igloo Ice Cube 60qt (video)

Igloo Ice Cube Mash Tun

My Converted Igloo Ice Cube Cooler Mash Tun I started all grain brewing about two years ago with the Brew in A Bag (BIAB) technique and I’ve had great success with that over the years. There have been two occasions though were I wanted to brew five gallons of beer and BIAB just isn’t the […]