Homebrew Clubs – Why You Should Join One


A homebrew club is an essential tool in your evolution of brewing better beer plus much, much more. Here’s why you should join one today.

Anheuser-Busch Buys Homebrewing Giant


AB InBev buys Northern Brewer the largest online homebrewing website which owns Midwest Supplies as well.

Brewing a Northern Brewer Grapefruit Pulpin Kit

Northern Brewer Grapefruit Pulpin

Northern Brewer Grapefruit Pulpin a homebrew kit which I brew up in this video. Stay tuned for updates on this brew including tasting and kegging.

Gifts For Beer Lovers, ‘Tis the Season…

Gifts For Beer Lovers photo by Mr Atrocity of flickr.com

It’s that time of year again folks. The tree comes out of the attic, the ornaments are unboxed, the smell of cookies being baked fills the air and the sound of jingle bells ring. It’s Christmas time and that means celebrating the giving season. What better what to celebrate giving than by gifts? Here are […]

Northern Brewer is Smashing Pumpkins One Gallon At A Time

Northern Brewer Smashing Pumpkin

Tis’ the season.  Pumpkin Spice lattes, Pumpkin pies, Pumpkin Oreos, Pumkin Dunkin Donuts, Pumpkin Vodka, Pumpkin Pringles and of course the Smashing Pumpkin Ale homebrew kit from Northern Brewer.  I was given the opportunity to brew this all pumpkin everything fall inspired beer and it was loads of fun, as it was my first 1 gallon small batch.  Below is […]

Decisions, Decisions – What to Brew Next?

homebrewing an extract kit

You want to brew a new batch of beer. That decision is step one of the process. The next step – and arguably the most important – is what to brew. Generally you have a ton of options to choose from – pilsner, IPA, porter, stout, etc. Once a decision is made, one has to think about when they are […]

Homebrew Nightmare: My Calamity Doppelbock

Homebrew Nightmares

There I was with my hand over the port of my bottling bucket, my pants soaked with beer and a sizable pool of bock beer all over the kitchen floor slowly inching its way to the living room in full panic mode. I got all of my equipment ready for bottling day and lined up everything […]

Fizzics – A Machine to Enhance Beer?


The buzz is in the air for a machine that claims to enhance your glass of beer, Fizzics. Is it worth it? Does it do what it says? Looking at the information on Fizzics website I’m still trying to figure out this machines place in the market and justify it as a machine worth purchasing. What is […]

Why Aren’t Latinos Home Brewing Beer?

Latinos Home Brewing Beer

Ever since I started home brewing I have come to slowly realize that when I visit homebrew shops, different homebrew clubs and homebrewing events, that I’m usually the only guy with increased levels of melanin aka the token Hispanic guy. See the homebrewing community is mostly dominated by white American males, this is no surprise, but along with […]

Homebrewing is Too Damn Expensive!

skeptical homebrew kid

So my partner, Erin, called me out this morning.  As I was racking an American Blonde Ale into the keg, we had a little convo that went something like this: Erin: “Remember when you said that homebrewing is cheaper than buying beer?” Me: Eyes getting shifty and I pretended not to hear her. Erin: “Don’t act […]