How Beer Is Made: Breaking Down Homebrewing (video)

How Beer Is Made: Homebrewing

How Beer Is Made Beer making is science yo (insert Aaron Paul voice) so we understand that at times the process looks uhhh confusing. What’s really going on? How do we get from grain to beer? What’s going on in the process? How do you make that celestial unicorn juice jump out of my glass and into my […]

A Craft Beer Wedding Done the Keg Tap Way

Jason's Craft Beer Wedding

A Craft Beer Wedding On August 23, 2014 I officially became a spoken-for man by marrying my gorgeous wife Sonia. Since The Keg Tap is where I lay my beer blogging hat, I couldn’t have the typical wedding beers of Coors Light, Corona, etc. I had to do it the Keg Tap way. That being said, at my craft […]

My Wedding Beer Brew Day – Pliny The Elder Clone


I’ve mentioned before that I’m getting married in less than two months – late August. For as much of a DIY kind of guy as I am, I decided it would be cool to not only buy beer for the reception, but also to have something on tap that most people would not be able […]

National Homebrewers Conference …for the win!

NHC taster cups

National Homebrewers Conference I brew the beer I drink….that was the general vibe at the 2014 National Homebrewers Conference.  I recently had the great opportunity to attend the 2014 National Hombrewers Conference (NHC) in Grand Rapids Michigan.  If you know me, you know that I am a Michigander until the day I die and it […]

2014 National Homebrew Conference – Grand Rapids


National Homebrew Conference I am wiggling in my seat as I type this because the 2014 National Homebrew Conference (NHC) is right around the corner.  This year’s conference is being held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which just happens to be where I went to college and is near my hometown in West Michigan.  The conference […]

Bonding Through Beer – Making Friends Through the Suds


Bonding Through Beer It’s no secret that it is easy to make friends while you’re hanging out in the bar throwing back a couple of cold ones. You obviously have similar interests – beer and probably football or whatever sport is on the TV – and it’s only natural to assimilate with others who are […]

Stuck in a Rut? Think Outside the Box…

Photo by marvin L of

  Brewer’s Block! This one goes out to a wide variety of people – all the would-be home brewers out there, eager to jump into this and make beer of their own, as well as the guys and girls who are already actively brewing, but hitting a speed bump in creativity. I am constantly brainstorming […]

Extract, Partial or All-Grain? The Homebrew Debate


The Homebrew Debate There is a vast and growing population of those who enjoy drinking craft beer. Some of us drink it for the flavor we can’t find in the macro beer community. Some of us do it to be trendy and hipster or “cool.” Let’s face it, there are posers out there, even in […]

Why I Love Beer – A Treatise


I Love Beer and Here’s Why Picture the sight of a giant foamy wave forming above a golden amber ocean, the smell of malty sweetness and pungent pine and grapefruit citrus permeating the air. The aroma entices you to dig deeper, get a taste of this new discovery. The cold sweet elixir hits your palate […]

Bottling the Snake River Whiskey Barrel Porter


  12-17-2011 – This weekend we convened for another round in the beer-making process – Bottling. Jason and Rob came over to my place and we commenced the bottling while enjoying a few tasty beverages. What better way to celebrate bottling a beer than by enjoying another?  Included in the list of libations were Samuel […]