Beer Cellaring – You’re Doing it Wrong! cont. 2

Beer Cellaring

Beer cellaring 400 years ago consisted of monks on a french mountainside without electricity or running water. Here’s what you need to improve your beer cellaring game!

Beer Cellaring – You’re Doing it Wrong!

Beer Cellaring

You’ve been beer cellaring that case of Natural Ice from your prom ten years ago in your mom’s attic, now what?

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout – The Only Guinness To Spend Money On

Guinness Foreign Extra

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout the ONLY Guinness you should spend your money on! Put down the green beers and the watered down siblings of this beer and enjoy this St Patricks Day video review.

Genesee Double Bock (video)

Genesee Double Bock

Genesee Double Bock is a classic example of a doppelbock style of beer and Irving video reviews it here.

Stop Canning Big Beers in 16 Ounce Tall Boys (video)

16 ounce tall boys

Canning big beers in a 16 ounce tall boys gets my britches in a bunch and here’s why. A video while I drink Genesee Double Bock

Troegs Nugget Nectar: The Ambiguously Canned Brew

Troegs Nugget Nectar

IPA, Amber, Red? What is Troegs Nugget Nectar? It’s a damn good beer, so watch the video! DO IT!

Sparging Methods Explained


Sparging methods explained so that you can become a better homebrewer and save some money in the process.


Automatic Homebrewing Devices, Are They Worth It? pt3 MiniBrew


On the surface the Minibrew seems to be the complete package for the automated homebrewing system. But don’t let that sexy, fully automated, all in one, mouth drooling, copper/walnut finish fool you, its full of rainbows and sunshine if you can afford it.

How To Make Hot Sauce With Beer (video)

Hot Sauce with Beer

Here’s how to make hot sauce with beer for the big game. I used Sixpoint The Crisp in this recipe and I will put it on everything!

Pernil and Beer A Food Pairing

pernil and beer

Pernil and Beer? Here’s a list of beers that pair well with that fatty delicious Puerto Rican delicacy known all too well to Boricuas everywhere!