Homebrew Clubs – Why You Should Join One


A homebrew club is an essential tool in your evolution of brewing better beer plus much, much more. Here’s why you should join one today.

Beer & Chicken Tacos? Better. Beer IN Chicken Tacos – Recipe

chicken tacos

Yes beer and tacos pair perfectly together but how about cooking your chicken tacos with beer, specially an IPA in this chicken tacos recipe.

Rollin’ Dirty: Keg Cleaning Guide


Jason runs through the process of keg cleaning and sanitizing to help you brew a better beer. Cheers!

Do I Have To Be A Hophead If I Love Craft Beer?


Does being a craft beer lover mean I love hoppy bitter beers? Can’t I just love what the hell I want?

Birthdays and Moving and Beers. Oh my…


My birthday this year was one heck of a ride. Moving, Homebrewing and Beers all packed in one day.

What’s Your Favorite Drinking Spot?

Favorite Drinking Spot

We all have our favorite drinking spot to unwind and relax with a favorite craft beer. Mine is in my living room in front of my TV but where’s yours?

Pucker Up Buttercup! – Getting into Sour Beer

Sour Beer Photo by Lara604 of Flickr.com

The resurgence of sour beer is in full swing here’s a quick tour of the “style” and what to look for.

Sensory Overload – Diving in After Recovering


Surgery, Sickness and Beer how they all fit into the past month of my life.

How to Build a Kegerator

How To Build a Kegerator

Jason walks you through his process on how to build a kegerator complete with a tap and drip tray in this video using an existing full sized fridge and a little Texas ingenuity while wearing his New Jersey t-shirt :)

Brewing a Northern Brewer Grapefruit Pulpin Kit

Northern Brewer Grapefruit Pulpin

Northern Brewer Grapefruit Pulpin a homebrew kit which I brew up in this video. Stay tuned for updates on this brew including tasting and kegging.