Lagunitas Pils – Beer Bros

Lagunitas Pils

Lagunitas Pils is reviewed by the Beer Bros in this video beer review.

Cigar City Lager – Beer Bros

Cigar City Lager

Cigar City Lager is video reviewed today by the Beer Bros or is it? Wait …

Victory Prima Pils: Tap that inner German

Prima Pils (credit: pinoyed of

Victory Prima Pils ABV: 5.3% IBU: ? See what I did there?  “Tap” your inner German…anyways.  Germany. The land of ridiculously hard to pronounce words,  sausage and frothy beer.  Sounds great, right? Now, what if I told you that you didn’t have to cash in your 401K to taste what this great country had to offer? Strap on your […]

Don’t Just Drink It: Cooking with Beer the Negra Modelo Way

Negra Modelo Cooking

Lately I’ve been very cognizant  of how beer and my meal work together. Its not just a matter of picking the right beer to wash down that steak but more so how will that steak taste marinated in a beer or what beer should I deglaze this pan with. Negra Modelo is also pushing that idea of […]

Strapping on Lederhosen and Munich Dunkel … Ein Prosit!

Munich Dunkel

Oktoberfest is almost underway! While I am not in Germany swinging massive liters of beer from side to side while listening to some good ol’ fashion polka band, I do celebrate in my own way, I BREW! While I have too many favorite German styles to list, two of my all time favorites are Munich […]

The 7 Degrees of Light Lager Usage

Grandpa Funnel credit: Chris Dixon of

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.  A hotel bar with the bare minimum available.  A buddy’s house with slim pickings.  A beach vacation suffering from frozen drink-itis.  In these rough situations, a light lager is often the fallback option, begrudgingly.  Well friends, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to cut some slack on […]

Going for a Ride on St Arnold Fancy Lawnmower (video)


St Arnold Fancy Lawnmower 4.9% ABV 20 IBU We decided to film a session with St Arnold Fancy Lawnmower Kolsch a tasty and refreshing beer. Watch the video above to see what we thought. Cheers!  

Can Bohemia Beer Quench My Thirst and Satisfy My Palate?


Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Bohemia 5.3% ABV About six months ago I came across an image on the internet of Bohemia beer emblazoned with Frida Kahlo’s likeness. Being a huge fan of hers, that picture instantly caught my attention and made me want to crack one open and enjoy its sweet nectar. Only trouble was Bohemia […]

Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL

Double Agent IPL photo by stevegarfield

Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL 5% ABV, 43 IBU To be honest with you I never thought of Samuel Adams (SA) as a micro brewery or even macro; perhaps somewhere in the middle. I haven’t had a beer from this label in a long time. I do like the music in their commercials though. I’ve always […]

A Crafty Attempt to Woo Craft Lovers – Budweiser Black Crown

Black Crown

Budweiser Black Crown 6% ABV I have been a fan of craft beer for quite some time now. I got into Sam Adams when it was the “alternative” to macro beers back in the early to mid-1990s. Granted I was a little underage, but that’s another story. The statute of limitations has long expired on […]