Cervezas Nacionales de Honduras – Honduran Beers


Honduran Beers: Barena, Salva Vida, Imperial and Port Royal I happened to go to Honduras during the second week in April for business. But when my co worker and I had free time we mostly spent it with our Honduran governmental counterparts, who were extraordinarily hospitable and respectful and I had the pleasure of doing some […]

A Refreshing Change of Pace – Samuel Adams Alpine Spring


Samuel Adams Alpine Spring – 5.5% ABV An interesting style I had never heard of, this is classified as a keller bier or zwickel bier. Nice name, right? This light refreshing lager is perfect for a sunny spring day. The label gives you that whole scenic backdrop with a nice mountain spring or river up […]

Liquid Bread, brought to you by Thomas Hooker


Thomas Hooker Liberator Doppelbock – 8% ABV Since I found another one from the somewhat immediate area (after all, this is a Tri-State beer) I decided to look into the stylings from the Thomas Hooker Brewing Company of Bloomington, CT. What better way to introduce yourself to a brewery than to try out something strong […]

For the Cocoa Lover in You: Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock


This beer was another gem from Jim Koch and the Boston Beer Co.  Looking at this, one might think of Guinness or some other heavy dark beer. The body is extremely dark brown, almost completely black. It’s pretty thick as well, so it doesn’t change color much when you hold it up to the light. […]

Gettin’ Toasty with Blue Point Toasted Lager


Today I’ve got my hands on a new flavor – Blue Point Toasted Lager, the flagship beer from the Blue Point Brewing Co., located in Patchogue, NY. I kept seeing the name of this new brewery around town (well new to me anyway) and wondered what it was all about. Well hello, since I live […]

Beer School 101 – Lagers

photo by erix! of Flickr.com

Beer School 101 (or a Layman’s Education on Your Favorite Libation) Part 2 – Lagers As explained before, we gave you a list of ales and examples of the styles that fall under that category. Now we have Lagers. This is the second semester of your alcoholic education. Grab a pen and paper, and don’t […]