Born the Hard Way: Budweiser’s New Marketing Campaign


Budweiser’s new TV commercial Born the Hard Way makes me hate to love it but it really is a damn good commercial.

Combating a Lack of Diversity in Craft Beer

diversity in craft beer

With so few minorities in craft beer the lack of diversity in craft beer is astounding. Here’s a list of things that you can do to diversify the market. Yes You!

Mexican Craft Beer is Booming and Here’s Why


Mexican Craft Beer is a booming market in its infancy. It started with a landmark monopoly ruling and is snowballing into national pride! Here’s a glimpse of what’s going on in Mexico

How To Cure A Hangover! 3 Recipes to Get you to Work This Morning

Blood Mary with Beer

Here are a few concoctions on how to cure a hangover after the big game!

Pernil and Beer A Food Pairing

pernil and beer

Pernil and Beer? Here’s a list of beers that pair well with that fatty delicious Puerto Rican delicacy known all too well to Boricuas everywhere!

Craft Beer Latinas – The Unicorns

Craft Beer Latinas

I am a unicorn. I didn’t realize it until last night, but apparently I’m much like the mythical creature — legendary, elusive, and often surrounded by bright colors and glitter. OK that’s not really what I’m talking about, but you know what I mean, a rare individual. I was sitting in the Goose Island Tap […]

Why Aren’t More Latinos Drinking Craft Beer

Latino Craft Beer

Approaching the Latinos in craft beer quandary is complicated and when I first approached the subject I thought it was solely a matter of education, I was totally off the mark. Three year ago I wrote Craft Cerveza: The Quandary of Latinos and Beer, in that post I took a more historical perspective on the issue […]

Arrogant Bastard Ale: The Evolving Ale (Spanish)

Arrogant Bastard Ale

Arrogant Bastard Ale Stone Brewing has been stirring things up with their beer line up as of late. First by reformulating Stone Ruination IPA and releasing Ruination IPA 2.0 and then doing the same with their Pale Ale releasing Pale Ale 2.0. Its great to see a brewery making moves with their beers and not […]

Coquito Beericua: Injecting La Isla del Encanto Into My Glass

Coquito Beer

There has been a flurry of Horchata beers on the market lately Belching Beaver, Elevation, Cigar City, The Bruery and even Blue Moon threw their hat in the ring. This horchata everything got me thinking, where’s the Puerto Rican inspired beer? Where’s the mavi, parcha, coquito, pina colada, quenepa or pitorro beers? I haven’t seen […]

Why Aren’t Latinos Home Brewing Beer?

Latinos Home Brewing Beer

Ever since I started home brewing I have come to slowly realize that when I visit homebrew shops, different homebrew clubs and homebrewing events, that I’m usually the only guy with increased levels of melanin aka the token Hispanic guy. See the homebrewing community is mostly dominated by white American males, this is no surprise, but along with […]