Meet Jacob – Our Texas Based Writer


Hello Beer World! I’m Jacob, a 3rd Coast Blogger; Third Coast meaning the Gulf Coast. I am originally from Deep South Texas, Rio Grande Valley along the US/Mexico Border, but currently Residing in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex. I love to travel, eat, drink, meet new people from all walks of life, and drink (oh wait, […]

Club de la Cerveza – Best Craft Beer Bar in Playa del Carmen

Club de la Cerveza

I went to Playa del Carmen’s “La Quinta” specifically looking for craft beer, my plan was to buy a few bottles and bring them back to my resort and drink them there. I had researched and found two potential locations; Club de la Cerveza and TNT Bar and Beer Store.  My search for Mexican craft […]

craftbeeray: Not All Craft Beer Drinkers Have Long Beards


Why I don’t have a long beard On many occasions I’ve experienced a weird reaction when I talk about my passion for craft beer. I seem to not fit the “look” of the people who they think are into craft beer. The fact is that I don’t have a long beard or wear thick framed […]

Meet Irving and Beer Weight Loss Challenge Week 2


At the heart of it I’m just a guy that likes beer and likes to share those experiences with you. Through our passion for craft beer we are able to come together, share a glass and just relax. Here’s a little bit about me and what I bring to the group. Beer Weight Loss Update […]

Don’t Just Drink It: Cooking with Beer the Negra Modelo Way

Negra Modelo Cooking

Lately I’ve been very cognizant  of how beer and my meal work together. Its not just a matter of picking the right beer to wash down that steak but more so how will that steak taste marinated in a beer or what beer should I deglaze this pan with. Negra Modelo is also pushing that idea of […]

Marketing Beer to Latinos? You Got It All Wrong Pendejos!

Cerveza Fria Sign

Why do I gravitate towards craft beer? ABOVE ALL, I love the taste of craft beer! That’s it article over! Ok if I had to outline more I’ll try. I love the craft beer community. I love exploring new things. I love being on the forefront of a movement that is taking over the nation. I love challenging […]

Yes You Can Be a Good Mom and Still Be a Craftylady!

CraftyLady24_7 Family Feature

First Things First Many might think being a woman in the craft beer world is challenging but try being a craft beer mom and you’ll have a totally different challenge to face. First things first… I do not under any circumstance support nor condone underage drinking but I do support educating them about the truth […]

Beer and Beer Memories and Beer: A Timeline

Beer Memories

  I grew up in Michigan, Saginaw to be exact, an old General Motors town with union bars and cheap beer.  I think relaxing after work meant a cold beer and sitting on a deck… at least that is what I saw as a kid growing up. Here’s what beers mean to me as seen […]

Riding the Wave of Craft Beer with Rincón Beer Company

Rincon Beer Company

Rincón Beer Company A beer boom is abound on the island of Puerto Rico and in its infancy we have the opportunity to get to know and really document the changing tide of beer on the island. This past week I had the opportunity to speak to both Sage and Naomi Hobbs founders of Rincón […]

A Trip to Paradise – My Week in Mexican Craft Beer Hell


Craft Beer Hell So maybe the phrase craft beer hell is a little extreme, but if you know anything about me, you understand my love for craft beer over the macro stuff. Read on and you can decide for yourself. Over the past several days, I’ve been in paradise. My family is on another vacation […]