Cinco de Mayo: Mexican Independence day?

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Cinco de Mayo is finally here and its time to break out the Corona’s and the Tecate and drink ourselves silly! Tequila shots, Mexican sombreros and Mariachis all ring in Mexican Independence day with a bang right? Well actually no, Cinco de Mayo has been so co-opted by commercial enterprise, that it’s true meaning has been lost. […]

Blue Cans, Clear Bottles and Black Tueday: Craftylady24_7’s Beer Journey


My Beer-ginnings As far back as I can remember, every time I opened the refrigerator door, the first thing I saw was my stepfathers favorite beers. They were either in a blue can or a clear glass bottle filled with a yellow liquid I thought was lemonade. For the longest time, I could never understand why my stepfather would always drink his […]

My Chat with Boqueron Brewery


The landscape of beer in Puerto Rico is just beginning to switch over from the mass market light lagers to something with more cojones. The market on the island has been dominated by Medalla (local light lager), Corona, Heineken and a few other light lagers but with the explosion of craft beers in the American […]

Latinos in Craft Beer

Cerveza Fria Sign

A Puerto Rican, a Dominican and 2 Mexicans walk into a bar! Wait have you heard this one before? Probably not! Over the past three years that I’ve been writing about beer, I strove to take this funny/whimsical angle with my posts. I thought that if I could make people laugh they would read my […]

Groupo Modelo Victoria, Cerveza Doméstica de Mexico

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Groupo Modelo Victoria 4.04% ABV Now here at the KT we typically don’t write about foreign domestics but there have been some foreign domestics. I wrote about a few here when I visited the jewel of Central America Honduras back in May. Well this foreign domestic comes from Mexico City (brewed by Groupo Modelo) and is called Victoria […]

Cerveza y La Isla del Encanto: Old Harbor Coqui (video)


Old Harbor Coqui Helles Lager 4.75%ABV Disclaimer: This episode was filmed entirely in Spanish, even though I’m writing in English now. I’m a terrible writer in Spanish so I’ll spare all of you the agony of deciphering my broken written Spanish. Also sorry about the poor video quality my wife kicked me out of my normal […]

Cervezas Nacionales de Honduras – Honduran Beers


Honduran Beers: Barena, Salva Vida, Imperial and Port Royal I happened to go to Honduras during the second week in April for business. But when my co worker and I had free time we mostly spent it with our Honduran governmental counterparts, who were extraordinarily hospitable and respectful and I had the pleasure of doing some […]

Craft Cerveza: The Quandary of Latinos and Beer

Cerveza Sign

Over the past two years I have been on a quest to convert my father-in-law to a craft beer drinker. He has held out on me every time saying “My Heineken is still better,” as a craft beer drinker that has enraged me since the first day he said it and ever since, I’ve been on a quest to […]

The Search for a Jewel in the Rough – An Adventure in Baja


The sweat is dripping down my temples as the merciless sun pours down rays of unforgiving sunshine. The waves crash in a cacophonous repeated thunder.  I’m sipping on yet another Pacifico and lime, wondering if there is anything more to be found in this Baja paradise. Could my only options really be Corona, Sol, Tecate, […]