Father’s Day Beer Gifts 2016

Fathers Day Beer Gifts 2016

Put down the socks and ties your dad doesn’t want that! Instead use this Father’s Day Beer Gifts list and get him something that says you put thought into the gift.

What is a Shandy or Radler?

What is a Shandy

What is a Shandy or Radler? Today I take a look at the history and the definition of what makes those beers.

Belgian Beer Renamed ‘America’


Belgian beer renamed ‘America’. A non-American entity getting me to be more American by offering shitty Belgian beer. That’s not the way this works!

Pliny to be Contract Brewed?

Russian River Pabst

Russian River Brewing and Pabst Brewing partner up in a joint venture to increase footing.

Beer Cellaring – You’re Doing it Wrong! cont.

Beer Cellaring

Beer cellaring requires the right beer styles. Here’s a guide to buying the right kind of beer for your cellar.

Beer Cellaring – You’re Doing it Wrong! cont. 2

Beer Cellaring

Beer cellaring 400 years ago consisted of monks on a french mountainside without electricity or running water. Here’s what you need to improve your beer cellaring game!

Beer Cellaring – You’re Doing it Wrong!

Beer Cellaring

You’ve been beer cellaring that case of Natural Ice from your prom ten years ago in your mom’s attic, now what?

Craft Beer and Hip Hop: Bierwax

craft beer and hip hop

Craft beer and hip hop have parallel beginnings from time to outreach but can hip hop show craft beer what lies in its future?

Hops and Squats: Craft Beer and Healthy Living

Hops and Squats

Hops and Squats, can there be a balance? Is it ok to drink beer and still be focused on fitness and health? Hermen is on a quest to find out.

Beer Snobs: Don’t Be That Person


Beer Snobs we’ve all seen them and you probably have the potential to be one, in the end though just enjoy beer!