How To Cure A Hangover! 3 Recipes to Get you to Work This Morning

Blood Mary with Beer

Here are a few concoctions on how to cure a hangover after the big game!

Pernil and Beer A Food Pairing

pernil and beer

Pernil and Beer? Here’s a list of beers that pair well with that fatty delicious Puerto Rican delicacy known all too well to Boricuas everywhere!

The Problem With Craft Beer

The Problem With Craft Beer

Remember when Pliny was the it beer? It was the beer that separated you from the herd and showed everyone you knew what the hell you were doing. You hunted that beer down like a lion preying on antelope and you finally managed to have your friend of a friend who knew a guy on […]

Pregnancy and Beer

Pregnancy and Beer

This July my family will have a new bundle of joy to lay claim to the Roman surname. With that wonderful addition comes almost a year (including breast feeding) of stress and hard work for my wife and I. Good thing I have a stocked fridge full of craft beer! See I get to ease […]

New Year, New Beer – Try Something New!

flight of beer

The great thing about New Year’s Eve and the following day is that we get to say goodbye to the previous year and start off fresh on a brand new foot. We get to write the script again and make good on promises made last year that we never fulfilled. In keeping with this age-old […]

Happy Holidays!


Another year down! As we enter our fifth year of writing I want to thank all of you for coming along for the ride.  We enjoy what we do and we hope you do to and I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you, if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t still […]

Gifts For Beer Lovers, ‘Tis the Season…

Gifts For Beer Lovers photo by Mr Atrocity of

It’s that time of year again folks. The tree comes out of the attic, the ornaments are unboxed, the smell of cookies being baked fills the air and the sound of jingle bells ring. It’s Christmas time and that means celebrating the giving season. What better what to celebrate giving than by gifts? Here are […]

Best Beer of 2015 – Irving’s List

Best Beers 2015

The question I get asked the most is “what’s your favorite beer?” That’s a very hard question to answer because beer is constantly evolving and new things are becoming available on a weekly basis. To add to that complexity, dozens of different beer styles and the current seasons can really impact that decision. If you asked me in the […]

A Look at Beer Syndicate’s 2015 Pumpkin Beer Throw Down

Pumpkin Beer

Re: 2015 Pumpkin Beer Throw Down: 40 Pumpkin Beers Reviewed and Ranked In a world where pumpkin beer gets dragged through the mud and beer snobs give the side eye to those who seriously like pumpkin beer, I usually applaud those seriously trying to shed light on the tasty deliciousness that is pumpkin beer. When I saw the […]

Beer Snobs UNITE: A Response to Don’t Label Me, Bro!

Beer Snob

In response to the Stouts and Stilettos article Don’t Label Me, Bro Ever since we are pushed out of the womb we have been force fed labels of things, its how we learn to communicate and compartmentalize the world around us. Some labels are more divisive than others and sometimes inappropriate but nonetheless a way for […]