Father’s Day Beer Gifts 2016

Fathers Day Beer Gifts 2016

Put down the socks and ties your dad doesn’t want that! Instead use this Father’s Day Beer Gifts list and get him something that says you put thought into the gift.

Boycott Lagunitas! Is Craft Beer too Good to Boycott?

Boycott Lagunitas?

In the wake of the Lagunitas and Sierra Nevada fall out, I sit here, morals intact, thinking “I should boycott Lagunitas.” What would that mean for me? A boycott would mean no more of the beer I truly love and that currently occupies space in my fridge. It would mean I couldn’t buy Sucks, Maximus, Brown […]

The Joys and Pains of Being a Beer Blogger: Free Beer (Editorial)

Free Beer

Free Beer? Why Yes! On any given day I can comb through emails and find at least a half dozen press kits sitting waiting to be opened, normally this is a good thing. See when it first happened I was overjoyed that we were being noticed and that someone wanted to send us free beer. I happily […]

Reflections on a Year Spent Beer Blogging

The Keg Tap Team

2014 started off with a lull in traffic, posts and overall enthusiasm for craft beer blogging, so I made a decision in February  of 2014 to close the site and move on with my craft beer ventures in a more personal way, by myself. I wasn’t going rouge with the site and blogging by myself but shutter […]

Marketing Beer to Latinos? You Got It All Wrong Pendejos!

Cerveza Fria Sign

Why do I gravitate towards craft beer? ABOVE ALL, I love the taste of craft beer! That’s it article over! Ok if I had to outline more I’ll try. I love the craft beer community. I love exploring new things. I love being on the forefront of a movement that is taking over the nation. I love challenging […]

Yes You Can Be a Good Mom and Still Be a Craftylady!

CraftyLady24_7 Family Feature

First Things First Many might think being a woman in the craft beer world is challenging but try being a craft beer mom and you’ll have a totally different challenge to face. First things first… I do not under any circumstance support nor condone underage drinking but I do support educating them about the truth […]

Shitty People Drink Good Beer? Sexism in Craft Beer

Sexism in Craft Beer

  Two weeks ago the CraftBeerVixen posted a guest article on our site about converting non-craft drinkers to the craft side. It was a great and insightful article and one that I’m very proud is hosted on our site. I’m also super grateful that we had the chance to interact with her and finally hear […]

Bringing some estroJen to The Keg Tap


I have always enjoyed beer and never felt that it wasn’t ladylike to be a beer drinker. As I educate myself on the different varieties and styles of beer, I always spread the knowledge to my female friends when I have a beer that I believe they would enjoy and is perfect for them. I […]

CraftBeerVixen’s Guide to Introduce Your Girl to Craft Beer


Imagine your wife or girlfriend joining you in your quest for amazing beers. Making drives across the state lines just to get beer not available in your state. Texting you when your favorite brewery just tapped something you’ve been waiting for (because she follows the brewery on Facebook and Twitter). Imagine her saying, “Of course […]

You Too Can Become a BJCP Beer Judge With These Steps!

BJCP Judge

Remember back when you were studying math or history and you would rather shove an ice pick in your eye then complete another equation or read another paragraph?  Me too.  But, what if I told you that studying didn’t have to be so damn boring and now you can study something that you enjoy and […]