Get Canned, the book: Canned!: Artwork of the Modern American Beer Can

Canned!: Artwork of the Modern American Beer Can

I’m a visual learner so when I see material, whether that be digital or physical, that is aesthetically pleasing  I get the feels. Combine that with something I’m interested in (beer) and I’m get like a 13 year old boy with a sock and hand lotion, excited. So when I got my hands on Canned!: Artwork of the […]

Book Review – The Pocket Beer Guide

The Pocket Beer Guide

The Pocket Beer Guide: The Essential Handbook to the Very Best Beers in the World by Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb   I was recently tasked with an interesting assignment – reviewing a book for this website and its viewers. The book is called The Pocket Beer Guide written by Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb. The cover states that this […]

Beer: What To Drink Next – Book Review

Beer What To Drink Next

Beer: What to Drink Next by Michael Larson Can one ever really have enough beer books? I know my bookshelf is starting to become overwhelmed with the amount of pages dedicated to our favorite fermented beverage. From books about homebrewing and yeast to IPAs and hops, I have over the years collected my fair share […]

Homebrew: Beyond the Basics. Finally a Homebrew Book that Gets the Design Right!

Homebrew: Beyond the Basics

I’ve read a number of books on Homebrewing and beer and I have to say most of them put me to sleep after the first chapter. See I’m a self proclaimed visual learner and while I don’t mind reading books on my passion, beer, sometimes the overall layout and design of the books have me […]