Pouring All Day IPA (video)

All Day IPA

Founders All Day IPA 4.7% ABV 42IBU It was a beautiful Spring day yesterday with temperatures in the 70s and not a cloud in the sky. I’ve been coming around to session beers lately (beers around 5% alcohol) and I thought I’d share one that’s stocked in my fridge, Founders All Day IPA. Huge orange aroma […]

Good Times at the AC Beerfest 2014

AC Beer Fest

AC Beerfest 2014 Boy do I love heading to Atlantic City for a weekend trip of drinking beer and fun at the casinos. I’ve been going to AC – as we all call it up here – pretty much yearly since I moved to NJ in 2002.  I’ve also been attending the AC Beer and […]

Crushing Porches with Beer Trading!

Beer Mail

Beer Trading Let it be known from this day forward, there is not better feeling than coming home to see your porch completely demolished because the the weight of your new beer mail/trade was just too much.  Okay, okay, maybe you do not want your porch to collapse, but really, there is nothing better than […]

Game of Beers! Attempting to Conquer KBS on a Friday


Slumped in my chair like I’m having a Pina Colada during sunset on Luquillo beach in Puerto Rico, I sit watching the second hand move its turtles pace around the clock. It’s an hour until the weekend starts and I’m already mentally checked out. From this point on I will not pick up my phone, […]

The 7 Degrees of Light Lager Usage

Grandpa Funnel credit: Chris Dixon of flickr.com

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.  A hotel bar with the bare minimum available.  A buddy’s house with slim pickings.  A beach vacation suffering from frozen drink-itis.  In these rough situations, a light lager is often the fallback option, begrudgingly.  Well friends, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to cut some slack on […]

Homebrew: Beyond the Basics. Finally a Homebrew Book that Gets the Design Right!

Homebrew: Beyond the Basics

I’ve read a number of books on Homebrewing and beer and I have to say most of them put me to sleep after the first chapter. See I’m a self proclaimed visual learner and while I don’t mind reading books on my passion, beer, sometimes the overall layout and design of the books have me […]

Home Run Apple? Angry Orchard Green Apple Cider


Every year I eagerly await the start of the baseball season and this year is no exception! To me 50% of the excitement of the baseball season is enjoying the spectacle of baseball. Looking onto a field and watching the bleachers cast shadows on the perfectly manicured outfield. Hearing the crack of the bat when […]

Handling Relationships with Non-Beer Lovers


My dream girl has long been the woman who not only inspires me intellectually, but shares all of my passions. This includes beer. As it stands, I only have one of the two now, but batting .500 ain’t too shabby just about anywhere you go. I have been a beer lover for decades already. When I was […]

Blue Cans, Clear Bottles and Black Tueday: Craftylady24_7’s Beer Journey


My Beer-ginnings As far back as I can remember, every time I opened the refrigerator door, the first thing I saw was my stepfathers favorite beers. They were either in a blue can or a clear glass bottle filled with a yellow liquid I thought was lemonade. For the longest time, I could never understand why my stepfather would always drink his […]

The Chilltown Craft Beer Festival


Chilltown Craft Beer Festival Maybe this should be entitled “Reflections from the Other Side.” Not too long ago, the only mention of beer festivals were the ones we went to as paying attendees, eager to seek out the craft brewers – who were the focal point of said festivals – and their delicious concoctions. This […]