Beer Smack Down: Battle Wheat Beer

Allagash White, Southampton Double White and Victory Whirlwind

The Keg Tap Smack Down: Battle Wheat Its that time of year where summer comes out to play and the stouts go away. So with the introduction of the season and the heating up of our britches, we decided to bring you the awesomeness of wheat beers. This time instead of bringing you one review […]

Beer Smack Down: Battle Tripel

by SoulSense [Oscar Ordenes] of

Finally the Keg Tap team was able to get together and put two great beers in the ring. La Fin Du Monde of Unibroue and Tripel Karmeliet of Bosteels Brewery. Watch the video below to find out who wins this Beer Smack Down: Battle Tripel.

A Le Bière! The KT Beer Smack Down!


In the past year I have consumed a lot of beers, most of which I can’t remember(all in the name of research). That was the whole reason behind starting a site, to document the beer that I have consumed over the years so I don’t forget the bad beers and remember the good beers. I […]