All Hail the Lizard King of Pipeworks

Pipeworks Lizard King

Hermen pours a Lizard King from Pipeworks and is coming around to Mosaic hops in this beer review.

Dovetail Brewery is a Must See for Any Beer Lover

Dovetail Brewery Barrel

So I visited Dovetail brewery in Chicago and had a great time meeting passionate beer folks and trying great beers and it truly is a must see brewery.

Stone Xocoveza – So Good I Had to Fix My Hair


Irving reviews Stone Xocoveza in this video beer review.

Carton Unjunct Stout a #TBT Stout

carton unjunct stout

Carton Unjunct a #tbt stout that has me quoting Shakespeare in this video beer review.

Rogue Cold Brew IPA: The Bastard Brew

Rouge Cold Brew IPA

Rogue Cold Brew IPA tastes like coffee and an IPA met in a bar, they woke up the next morning, stared at each other wondering what the hell happened and 9 months later Rogue Cold Brew IPA popped out.

Alamo Golden Ale – Beer Bros

Alamo Golden Ale

Alamo Golden Ale is video reviewed in part two of The Alamo week on The Beer Bros. The Alamo Beer Company is a San Antonio based brewery.

Alamo German Pale Ale – Beer Bros

Alamo German Pale Ale

The Beer Bros remember the Alamo with Alamo German Pale Ale from San Antonio Texas.

Ommegang Rosetta – Beer Bros

Ommegang Rosetta

Ommegang Rosetta rounds out the berry themed beer week on the Beer Bros. See what they thought about the beer and their beer beer pick of the week in this video beer review.

Epic Brainless Raspberries – Beer Bros

Epic Brainless Raspberries

The Beer Bros try their second berry inspired beer of the week. Epic Brainless Raspberries in this video beer review.

Karbach BBH Beer Milkshake – Murica at its Finest!

Karbach BBH Beer Milkshake

Karbach BBH Beer Milkshake yeah its now a thing! Thank your stars and strips for this recipe and enjoy this today! Cheers!