Gulden Draak Brewmaster’s Edition: Barrel Aged Everything

Gulden Draak

Gulden Draak Brewmaster’s Edition In this age of barrel aged everything, its refreshing to have a beer by those that were doing it before it was in vogue. It reminds us were all the others came from and who they can call daddy (at least uncle, ok cousin?) I’m a big fan of Gulden Draak, […]

Jay’s Pick: Rodenbach Grand Cru

Rodenbach Grand Cru

Rodenbach Grand Cru ABV: 6% IBU: N/A RODENBACH Grand Cru is a blend of 1/3 young beer and 2/3 old beer matured in oak barrels for 2 years. The result is a complex beer with lots of wood and esters, vinous and with a very long finish just like a grand cru wine. Michael Jackson […]

Storming the Castle with Kasteel Tripel

Kasteel Tripel

Kasteel Tripel – 11% ABV I had the opportunity to pick up an interesting Belgian beer named Kasteel Rouge one time not long ago and review it. More on that another time. This time around I want to focus on their beer I had most recently – Kasteel Tripel, their entry in tripel category. This selection is […]

Gettin’ My Monk On – La Trappe Isid’or

La Trappe Isid'or

La Trappe Isid’or Trappist Ale – 7.5% ABV Belgian Ales are always a nice change from the typical malt-heavy stouts or the hop-forward tartness of an IPA. I have had my share of Belgians and have enjoyed them all. My colleague Irving is a huge Belgian beer lover and I can understand his amorous attitude […]

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder: Chouffe Houblon (video)

Chouffe Houblon Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel 9% ABV To be a craft beer drinker is an interesting journey in part due to an ever evolving palate and changes in one’s definition of a great beer. I’m drinking and ordering beers today that I would have poured down the drain years ago and I find myself […]

In Memory of Ryan Casey: Piraat Belgian Ale (video)

In Memory of Ryan Casey

Piraat Ale 10.5% ABV In mainstream American cinema, often times what defines a well balanced story is one that has a beginning, middle and end. Our sense of a linear timeline where “A whole is what has a beginning and middle and end” – Aristotle, permeates our modern day culture and allows us to think less because the dramatic […]

Don’t pass over this Easter ale: Gouden Carolus Easter Ale (video)


Gouden Carolus Easter Ale 10.5% ABV Shopping in my local beer mega-mart I caught a glance of a bottle that had an Easter bunny on it and thought “what the heck is that.” Looking at it that bottle was Gouden Carolus Easter Ale a Belgian Dark ale from Het Anker a brewery that I hold in very […]

Let’s Spring Ahead with La Rulles Triple (video)


La Rulles Triple – 8.4% ABV The best thing about the warmer weather, is that the shelves get stocked with more and more triples. I love it! Its like when your favorite show comes back on after a season break,  so being the beginning of spring season I had to usher it in correctly with La Rulles […]

Duvel – Golden Beer at its Belgian Best

Duvel photo by Ultra@ of

Duvel Belgian Golden Ale – 8.5% ABV – this was a beauty. It is also an interesting lesson in the brewing process. Quite similar to the lengthy process we have been undergoing brewing some of our own beers, this Belgian beer from the Bourweirj Duvel Moortgart is brewed over a day’s time using blonde malted […]