Bloodline Blood Orange IPA Knocks It Out of The Grove

Bloodline IPA

Every question I have can be answered in a few short swipes by the device in my pocket. So whenever I’m shopping for a beer and I see something I’ve never seen before, I look it up. Before you throw your fist up and bludgeoned me to death with your objective hate hear me out. […]

Saving Your Palate with Hook & Ladder Backdraft Brown

Hook and Ladder Backdraft Brown Beer

Hook & Ladder Backdraft Brown  – 4.5% ABV Great Beer That Gives Back. The idea that firemen like to drink beer is kind of a no-brainer. But imagine a fireman who brews his own beer and sells it, this is another kind of animal altogether. On top of that, imagine a brewery owned and run […]

The Lost Witbier – Flying Dog Woody Creek White

Flying Dog Woody Creek White

Flying Dog Woody Creek White – 4.8% ABV Recently you may have seen a video review where we pitted a trio of witbiers against each other and laid the smackdown on them. After having this one, I realize that we could have included it in the competition and made it a fourth. After all this was a […]