Carton Unjunct Stout a #TBT Stout

carton unjunct stout

Carton Unjunct a #tbt stout that has me quoting Shakespeare in this video beer review.

Magnify Low Visibility: A Jersey Beer

Magnify Low Visibility

Magnify Low Visibility is a Jersey Pale Ale that competes with Carton Boat and Kane Ripple but does it have what it takes? Watch the video and see.

Magnify Woah Nelly and Barnyard Funk

Magnify Woah Nelly

Magnify Woah Nelly is a farmhouse IPA that packs a punch of tropical fruit hops and wraps it all in that Saison yeast strain. Does it live up to Jersey standards? Watch the video

Top 5 New Jersey Beers

Top 5 New Jersey Beers

There’s an influx of new breweries popping up throughout the state of New Jersey, it seems like each month there are new breweries springing to life and it’s hard to keep track of it all. With craft beer market exploding in New Jersey, I wanted to take a moment to chronicle the top 5 New Jersey […]

Being Part of Craft Beer History: My Day with Ballantine IPA (video)

Ballantine IPA - The Keg Tap

As a child I used to go on field trips to the Ballantine House in Newark, NJ and I used to walk around mostly bored at all of the old stuff. I didn’t really appreciate what I was seeing, I just wanted to get home and watch Voltron and G.I. Joe cartoons. I took my […]

Reclaiming Jersey Beer: Forgotten Boardwalk 1916 Shore Shiver (video)


Forgotten Boardwalk 1916 Shore Shiver IPA In late 2012, beer laws were reformed in New Jersey that eased restrictions on beer production in the state and led the way for new breweries to open and begin a revival of the once beer Mecca. Not many know, that from the late 1800’s through the early 1970s […]

West Coast IPA is Really an East Coast IPA: Ballantine IPA (video)

Ballantine IPA

Last  year I purchased a home that I fell in love with from the moment I entered the door to the moment I left. See the house was littered with beer paraphernalia, specifically Ballantine beer. Being the beer lover I am I automatically fell in love with the house and started to grow an affinity […]

Pouring Carton 077XX Double IPA (video)

Carton 07XX

Carton 077XX East Coast Double IPA ABV: 7.8% | IBU: 80 Much like the Brazil vs Germany World Cup match, this beer blew away my expectations and crushed almost everything else out there. A lot of the beers I drink have been thoroughly researched beforehand but every now and then you get a beer that slips by you and […]

Good Times at the AC Beerfest 2014

AC Beer Fest

AC Beerfest 2014 Boy do I love heading to Atlantic City for a weekend trip of drinking beer and fun at the casinos. I’ve been going to AC – as we all call it up here – pretty much yearly since I moved to NJ in 2002.  I’ve also been attending the AC Beer and […]

Beer Festival Nightmares – An Observation

Long Line Image by Pop Culture Geek of

aka The Do’s and Don’ts of Throwing a Beer Festival There’s nothing better than going to a nice beer festival, swilling all kinds of different brews with your pals, meeting new friends and sharing good times with all involved. We here at The Keg Tap have been to several of them over the past few […]