Epic Brainless Raspberries – Beer Bros

Epic Brainless Raspberries

The Beer Bros try their second berry inspired beer of the week. Epic Brainless Raspberries in this video beer review.

Spiraling Spiral Jetty IPA

Epic Spiral Jetty Beer

Epic Spiral Jetty IPA 6.6% ABV My choice for tonight’s tasting comes from a state that I haven’t tested an IPA before: Utah! WTH? Honestly that’s what I first thought. But surprisingly it wasn’t the beer that sucked but it did lack. The suds is called Spiral Jetty IPA (6.6% ABV,IBU unknown) from Epic Brewing in […]

Getting Elevated with Epic 825 State Stout


Epic 825 State Stout – 5.8% ABV I just noticed when I started planning this post that this is the second brewery from Salt Lake City, UT I’m reviewing in a short period of time. For an area of the country notoriously known for its straight edge, strict no-nonsense small town lifestyle, I must say […]

Stinky Cheese’s Newest Friend – Uinta Anniversary Barley Wine


Uinta Anniversary Barley Wine Ale – 10.4% Oh boy, back to the barley wines. I mentioned before that I had been on a barley wine kick for a short spell, and of course I would want to share my findings with you. So here we are, savoring yet another high-octane brew with plenty of flavor […]