Magic Hat Art Hop Brings Me Back to Belgium

Magic Hat Art Hop Ale

Magic Hat Art Hop Ale is an American Imperial Blonde Ale but did Magic Hat deliver on the promise? Watch the video review and find out.

Ommegang Rosetta – Beer Bros

Ommegang Rosetta

Ommegang Rosetta rounds out the berry themed beer week on the Beer Bros. See what they thought about the beer and their beer beer pick of the week in this video beer review.

Epic Brainless Raspberries – Beer Bros

Epic Brainless Raspberries

The Beer Bros try their second berry inspired beer of the week. Epic Brainless Raspberries in this video beer review.

How To Make Pork Chops with Apple and Beer

How to Make Pork Chops with Beer

How to Make Pork Chops with Beer and Apples. Irving uses Honeycrisp apples and New Glarus Spotted Cow in this recipe! Cheers and Buen Provecho!

Karbach Brewing Kentucky Habit – Beer Bros

Karbach Kentucky Habit

Karbach Brewing Kentucky Habit the newest beer to their FUN series of beers. The Beer Bros drink it and share it with you in this video review.

Jester King Le Petit Prince – The Beer Bros

Le Petit Prince

Jester King Le Petit Prince, a low alcohol beer, is video reviewed by the Beer Bros.

Dubbel Vision: A Recipe for Success!

Hermen Dubbel Recipe

I am a seasonal drinker and I don’t care.  By seasonal drinker, I mean that I tend to drink beers that correlate with the season.  Saisons and Pales in the spring, IPAs and Pilsners in the summer, malty Lagers and dark Belgians in the fall and of course Stouts and Porters in the winter.  When everyone is pouring […]

Ommegang Hennepin a Video Review

Ommegang Hennepin

Ommegang Hennepin – ABV: 7.7% IBU: 24 I realized that I had never given one of my favorite beer its due diligence. Ommegang Hennepin has been a favorite of mine for years now and its one of the few beers I have bought over and over again throughout the years. So I had to fix […]

Sixpoint Abigale a Video Review

Sixpoint Abigale

Sixpoint Abigale – ABV:8% IBU:52 I started my craft beer trek with Belgian beers but have since crossed over to the IPA side. So a brewery known for its hopped up approach, brewing Belgian Strong ale, is a must try. Today I video review the beer in a different style from previous videos I’ve done, in one […]

Beer Reviews Are Useless and Yes Your Opinion Sucks

Beer Reviews are Useless - Stone Saison

My office building was a cool 89 degrees with the intoxicating aroma of underarm sweat and no-sock Sperry shoes wafting through the air. My manager comes over and informs us that we could leave and go cool off. What I heard was “leave work and buy beer,” so I did. I drove directly to the […]