Gulden Draak Brewmaster’s Edition: Barrel Aged Everything

Gulden Draak

Gulden Draak Brewmaster’s Edition In this age of barrel aged everything, its refreshing to have a beer by those that were doing it before it was in vogue. It reminds us were all the others came from and who they can call daddy (at least uncle, ok cousin?) I’m a big fan of Gulden Draak, […]

Jasonia Saison: A Hennepin clone beer

Jasonia Saison: Hennepin Clone

Hombrew and Weddings Jason M took the plunge this weekend and got married to his lovely wife Sonia. Since we are both home brewers we wanted to infuse a little of our skill into the overall wedding and brew beer tailored for the wedding, something that we would both enjoy and the guests would also […]

Texas Strong – Mad Meg Provisional Farmhouse Ale


Jester King Mad Meg Provisional Farmhouse Ale 8.9% ABV This was a surprise for me. I got this one in a recent trip to my hometown in Texas. What I had expected to be a standard saison/farmhouse style ale turned out to be more like a citrusy version of a Belgian strong ale. Mad Meg was quite nice […]

‘Tis the Season… To be Rude – Rude Elf’s Reserve (video)

Rude Elf Bottle

Brew Works – Rude Elf’s Reserve 10.5% ABV I recently got my hands on Rude Elf’s Reserve by Allentown Brew Works (the same Brew Works that Jay, Irv and I visited not long ago, that one being in Bethlehem, PA) and I had the chance to taste it and stack it up to other Christmas […]

North Coast Pranqster – More Belgian Goodness from CA

Northcoast Pranqster photo by Gottfried (freethehops)

North Coast PranQster – 7.6% ABV I have been on several similarly-themed beer adventures in the recent past. For instance, I’ll go through a run of various pale ales or IPAs giving myself the opportunity to discern between the good, the moderate and the great. I have also done this with hefeweizens and bock beers. […]

Fiendishly Dry-Hopped Belgium Ale: The Bruery Mischief (video)

The Bruery Mischief

The Bruery Mischief Belgian Ale 8.5% Last week I reviewed Piraat Ale that was dubbed a Hoppy Belgian Ale and I didn’t really taste any of the hops, so I wanted to take another shot and see if this too could rock my socks. Enters The Bruery Mischief Ale who’s description on the label is […]

Another Hall of Fame Offering from Ommegang: Ommegang Witte

Ommegang Witte beer

Ommegang Witte – 5.1% ABV BPA, Hennepin, Rare VOS, Three Philosophers. All of these fine brews have been enjoyed by yours truly and brought to you by Brewery Ommegang. This brewery from upstate New York (Cooperstown to be exact, home of MLB Hall of Fame) is the purveyor of fine Belgian quaff, brewing exclusively Belgian […]

Smooth Sippin’ Belgian Goodness – Defiant Tripel Ale

Defiant Brewing Company Box

Defiant Tripel Ale – 9% ABV The Defiant Brewing Company is a group that I (and my fellow Keg Tap Drinkers) have gotten to know fairly well during our adventures to the local beer festivals over the past few years. These guys are based out of Pearl River, NY which is located just over the […]

Getting Smitten with a Big Texas Blonde Ale

Texas Blonde Image by ign0me of

Texas Big Beer – Big Texas Blonde 10.5% ABV You know how they say “Everything is bigger in Texas?” These are words I have lived by since I was a wee lad growing up in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. It’s evident in just about everything you see down there. Big cars, big trucks, big property, big […]

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Anderson Valley Of Course…

Image of Brother Davi's beer by maubrowncow of

Anderson Valley Brother David’s Triple Abbey-Style Ale – 10% ABV Another fine craft brewer from Boonville, California, Anderson Valley Brewing Company started out as a vision in 1987 and grew by leaps and bounds in the years since. I’ve had the chance to enjoy the Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout that Anderson Valley offers. I believe […]