Where Will You Be In The End? The Lost Abbey Judgment Day Ale

photo by the__photographer of flickr.com

The Lost Abbey Judgment Day Ale – 10.5% ABV I’ve been fond of the Lost Abbey line of beers since I first had one.  This one, Judgment Day Ale, is a Belgian-style dark quadrupel and it packs a punch. It came in a bomber bottle, 750 ml of Belgian-like love. Right up front it is […]

Belgium Swag from Canada: Unibroue 17


Unibroue 17 10% ABV I’m a big Unibroue fan, mainly because its a brewery that’s relatively close to me and makes awesome Belgium style beers (my favorite style). So walking through the beer store the other day I came across a beer I thought had never seen, Unibroue 17.  Originally named for their 17th anniversary, they have released the […]

Don’t pass over this Easter ale: Gouden Carolus Easter Ale (video)


Gouden Carolus Easter Ale 10.5% ABV Shopping in my local beer mega-mart I caught a glance of a bottle that had an Easter bunny on it and thought “what the heck is that.” Looking at it that bottle was Gouden Carolus Easter Ale a Belgian Dark ale from Het Anker a brewery that I hold in very […]

Here Comes the Great King: Avery Maharaja Review (video)


Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA 10.39% ABV I’m no hop head but I decided it was time for me to step out of my malty dark beer world and embrace something different, an IPA. I had Avery Maharaja about a month ago in a flight of beer and fell in like with this from the first […]

Fear and Loathing? No Way Jose – Gonzo Imperial Porter


Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter – 9.2% ABV, 85 IBU In my “About Me” section on this site, I’ve plainly stated that I like big bold flavors, that I want something that really hits you smack in the face and makes you say “wow, now that’s a beer!” Well this one has that in spades. The Flying […]

Freaking Out on Weyerbacher Insanity


Weyerbacher Insanity – 11.1% ABV The Weyerbacher Brewing Company is a nice little brewery in Easton, PA. Formed in 1993 by an avid homebrewer (like I am aiming to become) with a thing for all the new craft brews hitting the market. They have several interesting varieties that are sure to excite your palate – their Merry […]

Why, You Dirty Bastard. Founders, That Is…

Photo by edwin.bautista of flickr.com

Founders Dirty Bastard – 8.5% ABV Founders is a brewery located in Grand Rapids, MI and they have been pumping out some stellar selections for as long as I can remember. Every flavor I’ve had has been impressive. I’ve had the pleasure of tasting many of Founders beers, some particular of note, yet hard for […]

California Love – Another Date with Sierra Nevada: Bigfoot Ale


Sierra Nevada-Style Ale – 9.6% ABV Sierra Nevada is a major player in the craft brew industry. This fine brewery from Chico, CA continues to serve up quality beers that people enjoy drinking. Since I can remember, it has touted that its beers are made with the purest ingredients. I want to put that to […]

The Belgian Hunter Strikes Again: Russian River Salvation


I’m on the hunt for the perfect Belgian Dark Ale, I mean I’ve come damn close on a few occasions. In this category you have some of the best beers in the world hands down, Chimay Blue, Achel, Gouden Carolus Blue, Rochefort 6 and many others that are kings. So when I was able to […]

Warming Your Heart (and stomach) One Beer at a Time…


Sam Adams Holiday Porter – 5.8% ABV – A good hearty winter beer, this one is built for the hard worker in need of a satisfying drink at the end of the day. Loaded up with Caramel, Munich and Chocolate Malts; its color is dark brown, almost black. If you were to hold it up […]