Fiendishly Dry-Hopped Belgium Ale: The Bruery Mischief (video)

The Bruery Mischief

The Bruery Mischief Belgian Ale 8.5% Last week I reviewed Piraat Ale that was dubbed a Hoppy Belgian Ale and I didn’t really taste any of the hops, so I wanted to take another shot and see if this too could rock my socks. Enters The Bruery Mischief Ale who’s description on the label is […]

Sweaty Betty, Nice and Steady: Sweaty Betty Blonde Ale

Sweaty Betty Beer

Sweaty Betty Blonde Ale – 5.9% ABV Going through as many wheat beers or blonde ales as I have, it’s often easy to become jaded or unimpressed by the latest offering from a new brewery. Thankfully I found one that didn’t bore me to death. As a completely insatiable beer nerd, I decided to get […]

Lost in Space Above the Southern Tier…

Smoking PhinMatt photo adapted by add1sun of

Southern Tier Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale – 5.4% ABV Southern Tier Brewing Co. is located in southwest NY, not far from the state line with Pennsylvania. It’s also due east of Lake Erie. It sports a beer called “Extraordinary Ale” and as such, I had big hopes for my newest find. This is classified […]

Not Just Another Fine Belgian Pale Ale – Ommegang BPA

Ommegang BPA by twotoneatl of

If you told me a few years ago that I would be getting into pale ales and IPA’s I would tell you that you’re crazy. To be honest, if you told me that a few weeks ago, my response would likely have been the same. I never understood the appeal that these beers had. I’m […]

Duvel – Golden Beer at its Belgian Best

Duvel photo by Ultra@ of

Duvel Belgian Golden Ale – 8.5% ABV – this was a beauty. It is also an interesting lesson in the brewing process. Quite similar to the lengthy process we have been undergoing brewing some of our own beers, this Belgian beer from the Bourweirj Duvel Moortgart is brewed over a day’s time using blonde malted […]

Is Great White beer great?


I had some beer (one seasonal) in my fridge waiting to be tasted. You know they were just chillaxing waiting for their turn to be featured on this site. But they were casualties of not only having company but of company that likes to drink too. They didn’t make it through the weekend. So on […]

Goose Island Demolition

photo by the__photographer of

As I open up my beer frig to see what’s inside, I can’t help but notice the Goose staring back at me saying “please drink me” so I must comply. I apologize in advance to my fellow Keg Tap crew since we were supposed to drink this bottle together. I paid $7 for this 650ml […]

The Curious Case of Imperial Pilsner: My Antonia Dogfish Head


The lucky man I am, I get a text from my Sister-in-Law that she got me a beer. She works at a wine store, not to be confused with a liquor store so she has access to quality beer at discount prices, talk about a perfect combo :) Ok so when she gets here I […]

Anchor Summer Beer


Despite Anchor Steam Christmas Ale 2010 being one of the highlights of my winter, I have always passed this beer up for something else. Its a summer beer, so what is there to expect right? A light crisp pilsner-esque beer that’s more geared towards that Corona crowd and not for the likes of the Keg […]