Blowing off Steam! Widmer Columbia Common Spring Ale

Widmer Colombia Commons Spring Ale

Widmer Columbia Common Spring Ale (4.7% ABV, 32 IBU) A Spring Ale? Hmm, don’t think I’ve drank one of these before. So I decided to get a six pack of Columbia Common Spring Ale (4.7% ABV, 32 IBU) brewed by Widmer Brothers from here in Portland. At first taste reminded me of a domestic lager […]

‘Tis the Season… To be Rude – Rude Elf’s Reserve (video)

Rude Elf Bottle

Brew Works – Rude Elf’s Reserve 10.5% ABV I recently got my hands on Rude Elf’s Reserve by Allentown Brew Works (the same Brew Works that Jay, Irv and I visited not long ago, that one being in Bethlehem, PA) and I had the chance to taste it and stack it up to other Christmas […]

Seeing Pumpkins with Fordham Spiced Harvest Ale

Spiced Harvest Ale

Spiced Harvest Ale – 6.6% ABV Folks, it’s getting to be that time of year again. The kids are preparing to don the silly costumes in a quest for candy treasure and the seasons continue their shift out of summer, into fall and towards winter. For those of us who seek out malty quaff treasures for ourselves, this time of year […]

A Beer-Soaked Sun-Drenched Golden Colorado Weekend


My Golden Colorado Weekend For Labor Day Weekend, I flew out to Denver for the first time in nine years (still can’t believe it’s been that long) to see Roger – my best friend from high school and early college years – get married. He is a fellow beer lover and he and his friends […]

Getting Blown Away by Thomas Hooker Nor Easter

Background photo by Heartlover1717 of

Thomas Hooker Nor’Easter Lager – 6% ABV So I’ve been delayed writing about this beer and I apologize. I’ve already had some of Thomas Hooker’s varieties, but this was my first winter selection from the Connecticut-based brewery. Because it is definitely a seasonal, most of you folks up north still have time to go find […]

Spring is Here! Well, Almost – Shiner Dortmunder Spring Ale


Shiner Dortmunder-Style Spring Ale 5.5% ABV Here’s a seasonal import from the Lone Star State that I’ve been eager to try. The neck label says “Renew with a Spring Brew!” At the bottom of the label on the body of the beer, you see “There’s Nothing Finer Than a Springtime Shiner.” Pretty catchy, I’d say. […]

Want Coffee, But Have No Time to Brew? Sam Adams Has A Cure For You…


Samuel Adams Black & Brew Coffee Stout – 5.8% ABV So you wake up in the morning after the alarm clock has been ringing incessantly. You hate to get to up again to face the day – you’re already running on fumes and in desperate need of sleep. You feel like just another working stiff […]

Sprechen Sie Bier? Weissenohe Monk’s Christmas


Weissenohe Monk’s Christmas – 5.1% ABV I thought this was an interesting one. The look alone certainly caught my eye. Monk’s Christmas, eh? Fair enough. This one is brewed by Klosterbrauerei Weissenohe, a German brewer. Apparently this place has a long history. In 1050 AD, Benedictine monks opened the Weissenohe Abbey in Franconia where they […]

Warming Your Heart (and stomach) One Beer at a Time…


Sam Adams Holiday Porter – 5.8% ABV – A good hearty winter beer, this one is built for the hard worker in need of a satisfying drink at the end of the day. Loaded up with Caramel, Munich and Chocolate Malts; its color is dark brown, almost black. If you were to hold it up […]

KoKo, cabana, come here I wanna …


  Staying away from my comfort with hoppy beers not only did I leave my favorite beer style but I also left the mainland. Tonight I tasted a beer from Kona Brewing Co. which is on the Big Island in Hawai’i. This is the stomping ground of my friend Maika who likes to be called […]